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What Makes Gulets So Different in Price?

All gulets are made from wood.  When looking at the various styles you will notice that there can be drastic price differences from one boat to the other – although they look very identical.  For the most part it is for obvious reasons. But just to clarify the reasoning behind the different prices – making […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Charter A Gulet in Turkey in 2016

With the news doing not so good for tourism in Turkey, it may seem that chartering a gulet in Turkey might not really be a preference as much as it has been in previous years.  But on the contrary. It is perfectly fine to rent a gulet now in Turkey. We’re talking about a holiday region […]

Sail in Turkey, Start in Greece! Here’s an Easy Solution, a Great Idea!

Sail in Turkey, Start in Greece! Here’s an Easy Solution, a Great Idea!

If you have your heart set on a gulet charter holiday in Turkey; yet undecided to fly into any of the airports then transfer to a coastal airport. There is a simple and easy solution. With Turkey’s Greek neighbors nearby the coastal waters, travellers can enjoy the amazing turquoise coast still. All they need to do […]

A Client’s Remark Touched Our Hearts

A Client’s Remark Touched Our Hearts

The 2016 summer season has been a challenging one for Turkey’s tourism. Traveller’s and lovers of Turkey looked forward to enjoying their annual vacation on the Southern coast and many other areas of this amazing country. The blue cruise season has also taken a toll on gulet owners and agents. Gulet charter sales have declined […]

What does the Capacity Restriction for Turkish Gulets in Greece Islands Mean?

What does the Capacity Restriction for Turkish Gulets in Greece Islands Mean?

There are hundreds of Turkish gulets chartered which travel in the Greek Islands each year.  The most common and often visited are the nearby group of islands in the Dodecanese; such as Rhodes, Kos, Symi, etc.  Some itineraries combine the Greek Islands with Turkey’s impressive coastline. While other routes just sail in Greece. There are […]

Gulet Holidays 2014: The Where’s How’s and What’s

Planning a 2014 Gulet Cruise Another new season of gulets cruising the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean is ahead. So many places to see and things to do. You will find a plethora of breathtaking scenic treasures to explore, discover the luxury of pure bliss and pampering.  Let us not forget the ever-so-tasty Mediterranean cuisine […]

Blue Cruise Private Charters 2014: 52 Routes 2 Countries

Whether it’s a blue cruise in Turkey, a gulet charter holiday in Greece; there are more than 52 combinations between both countries to discover the magical journey of a blue voyage travel in 2014. Travelers can cruise the waters of the Turkish Aegean or Mediterranean, or diversify with a combination of the impressive Greek Islands […]

32nd Annual Marmaris Yacht Charter Show May 12 – 16

Once again another fantastic year of fancy yachts, luxurious gulets and boats unique in their own class, we welcome the 32nd annual Marmaris Yacht Charter Show.  Among the well known yachts we will be seeing is the alluring 43m Clear Eyes gulet, the infamous 38m Mezcal 2 with her spellbinding design; and a new member […]

Blue Cruise Yacht Charter Season Opens for 2013

The 2013 blue cruise yacht charter season has now opened.  The deep blue waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas have started see the unique traffic of Turkish wooden boats, sailing with their special guests on trips of discovery and leisure.  Travelers who have booked as far back in advance as the previous year right […]

Turkish Gulet Mezcal Goes Across the Atlantic to La Paz Mexico

During the early afternoon hours on December 11, 2012; the popular Turkish gulet charter, Mezcal was prepared to take her first voyage across the Atlantic to La Paz, Mexico. She was strapped up to be lifted on board the 140 meters Maesrk Texas cargo ship. The journey from Marmaris harbor will be taking the Mezcal […]

Amazing Dog Jack Saves Yacht and Owners in Bodrum Storm

From the major southwest winds in the seaside city of Bodrum, Turkey, an English couple’s yacht was struck by waves. A life and death situation, their dog, Jack, helped in saving the yacht and their lives.  The nightmare took place during the morning hours, yesterday from the heavy winds that started from the previous day. […]

The Legendary Dark Valiant Updates Her Photos for 2013

One of the most popular economical luxury gulet charters from Marmaris is the Efsane Karayigit gulet ketch. When translated she is called the Legendary Dark Valiant. Her luxury standards surpass the expected at the price she is offered for throughout the year.  The Efsane gulet comprises of 8 comfortable cabins to accommodate 16 special guests […]

How to Rent a Yacht or Gulet in Turkey

How to Rent a Yacht or Gulet in Turkey

A Step by Step Guide for a Private Yacht Charter in Turkey Listed below are the basic steps in chartering a yacht through our company.  For additional information, you are more than welcome to contact us directly by phone, email, or fill out the form located at the bottom of the page. One of our […]

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