Why Charter a Yacht from Marmaris

The city of Marmaris is situated, where we consider the border line between two seas. Marmaris before reaching the villages is in the Aegean, and Marmaris to the east towards Dalyan is the Mediterranean. One of the many reasons to book a yacht charter Marmaris holiday is that this area offers a very wide choice […]

Let’s Be A Little Honest About Gulets and Cruises

Compared to hiring a motor yacht, gulets are a whole lot different. With motor yachts you generally know what exactly you are chartering.  Whereas in gulets it’s not exactly as such.  There are so many kinds of gulets. Unlike motor yachts where most have brand names, gulet do not. They come in all various sizes, […]

What Exactly Does A ‘Luxury Gulet’ and Cruise Mean?

A gulet is a beautifully handcrafted Turkish vessel. You can not compare a gulet with any other type of boat/yacht and besides that, it brings this irresistible lifestyle with it, it’s a lifestyle that you have dreamt of your whole life, without knowing what it was like! Some people have never heard of a gulet […]

3 Great Things to Do on a Gulet Charter Holiday In Orhaniye Village

Orhaniye, close to Marmaris on the Bozburun peninsula, is a little piece of paradise. You won’t find masses of tourism in this beautiful village. This area kept its natural beauty, which is covered in olive trees. With the second largest marina outside of Marmaris, Orhaniye attracts some stunning yachts, boats, and gulets. When you moore […]

Sailing Yacht Stane is Affordable and Quality Dalmatian Boat Holidays

Sailing in Croatia is something you should definitely think about. Coastlines don’t come much more idyllic than Croatia’s  2000 km of robust, beautiful, breathtaking, Adriatic shore. Along this magnificent coast are ancient Roman remains, which still stand as a guard and watch over the sheltered harbors. In the turquoise waters, you will find more than […]

What’s So Special About Oludeniz?

Visiting the southern coast of Turkey will offer a wide assortment of beaches. Whether sandy or pebbly, there are many beautiful beaches that travelers can enjoy during their luxury boat holidays. Among these is one place that has been the most popular and photographed in Turkey, attracting visitors all year round. If you have never […]

Famous Gulet Landmarks in the Eastern Mediterranean of Turkey

The Bahriyeli gulets are probably the most famous of gulet fleets in Turkey. The family of owners operate these classic wooden vessels of blue cruise luxury from the base port of Marmaris. When moored at the harbor, the size and impressive appearance literally turn heads! Tourists stand in front and have their photos taken with the Bahriyeli […]

How To Get The Best Price On Boat Charters In The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean. A very big region. Thousands of charter boats available. Where to start? Well if we pinpoint the Eastern Mediterranean, key destinations could include the countries of Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. Now that’s a great selection of boating charters to choose from. There are numerous ways to obtain the best prices on boat charters. […]

A Mild Mediterranean Winter in Marmaris Today

As I sit at the waterfront this morning, where all the restaurants and cafes are lined along the promenade in Marmaris today, I realize just how lucky we are to have such magnificent weather during the first week of February (2014). The sun is out with only a few light clouds in the sky, the […]

What’s The Difference Between a Gulet Cruise and Gulet Charter?

Both terms have a few common denominators. A gulet cruise and a gulet charter both offer holiday styles called blue cruises which take place in the Eastern Mediterranean on boats called gulets or gulllets or goulettes. Other terms in the respective regions, used for boats of similar types are gulet ketch, caicco, kaiki, and so […]

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