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3 Most Famous Landmarks in the Islands of the Dodecanese

Through history many unique structures have been built, where now they have become landmarks which travelers identify in the name and place, as well, its background history – even if they have not yet been there. Landmarks are discoveries, accomplishments, and in most cases places that make the nation it belongs too, proud. It’s a reminder of the past and can be a place of travel filled with memories.

The Dodecanese group consists of 12 islands in Greece (although there are 150 smaller islands, where 26 are inhabited). Each island big or small, offers a piece of the past and is many times, identified with its landmark or landmarks. There can be more than one landmark in island. But here we name one of each. During your private yacht charter travels there are 3 most prominent places that you and your guests can visit as a part of your itinerary.

Rhodes – While the most historically important landmark of Rhodes was the Colossus of Rhodes, it did not make through time due to an earthquake in 226 B.C.; standing 30 meters high and one of the tallest statues and Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Today visitors will see modern bronze deer statues in Mandraki harbor, where it is stated that the Colossus of Rhodes may have been.

Hence we come to a landmark that remains for all to see. The medieval castle, Palace of the Grand Master, was built during the early 14th Century by the Knights of Rhodes – but then later controlled by the Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Italians, and then finally back to the Greeks.

Kos – There are many historical sites to see when you arrive in Kos. Churches, monuments, squares, agora, ruins of the an ancient gymnasium, the ancient Odeon, castle, windmill, and statues. Seen immediately as you enter the harbor of Kos, is the ancient Nerantzia Castle built by the Knights of Saint John. The construction of the castle started in 1495 by the Grand Master D’ Aubusson. It was later continued by D’ Amboise and finally completed by Del Carretto in 1514. There are many unique features that are worthy seeing when there.

Patmos – Of all the many historical places to visit in Patmos Island, the one that stands out the most and seen from all corners of the island, is the famous Monastery of St. John. It is a magnificent structure perched on top of a large hill. You really can’t miss it when you are nearing the island’s harbor. Built like a fortress, this overwhelming place of significant history is certainly one of the must-see sites on your yacht holidays.

Should your private yacht charter holidays be planned for the Greek Islands, you might like to visit these historically significant places and explore.

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