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Chartering a Gulet. It’s All About the Crew, Isn’t It?

The initial facts about choosing a charter boat is one that fits within your criteria. This could be based on price, size, amenities, toys, food, and quality of accommodation (including cleanliness). But really it’s the crew that completes a holiday at sea. Everything could be wonderful about a gulet.  However if the crew is not up to par – doesn’t offer that warmth, knowledge and professionalism, then the feedback received is not worth sharing.

Some gulet owners feel that if they offer a great boat and good food, then their boat is of great value. But the excitement of the boat only lasts for a day or two. After that, it’s the crew whom travelers will be spending a week long time at sea that becomes one of the most important parts of chartering a gulet. For starters, communication is paramount. Particularly in the tourism industry. If English is limited, the lack of communication starts to diminish the potential relationship between the guests and the yacht crew.  This is a primary cause for misunderstanding and disappointment between guest and crew.

2014 Exceptional crew on board gulet Queen of Karia, Bodrum
2014 Exceptional crew on board gulet Queen of Karia, Bodrum / © 2014

It’s not easy to put together the right crew. The members can change from one season to the next – or even during mid season. Boat owners need to realize that a good crew, those who practice enthusiastic and knowledgeable service, prepare a decent variety of delicious dishes, and most importantly – can communicate effectively with the guests on board is what makes their boat actually valuable.  Then it’s worth paying that price for that extra piece of mind.

Guests need to realize that this is not always possible on board all gulets – particularly on economic / standard class boats and low to mid luxury class gulets. A good crew can most times mean higher costs which is reflected in the overall charter rate. Common sense, right?

All in all, it’s all about the crew, isn’t it?  If the crew is important to you, then the best thing to do is ask for a crew profile of the boat or boats you are interested in – and then make your decision to charter.



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