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Charter Boats Mediterranean Style

Charter Boats Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean is one of the largest sea regions in the world. As such there are many different cultures found in each of the countries that line the Mediterranean sea.  Families, groups of friends and couples looking for charter boats Mediterranean style can find a wide assortment of traditional Turkish gulets to explore these incredible turquoise waters all the way south to the 4th largest island of the Mediterranean, Crete. For Mediterranean island hopping holidays and a great deal of fun why not take a journey from the lovely city of Marmaris which lies on the border between the two seas and explore the many islands found in the Dodecanese and Cretian island groups of Greece as well as a few beautiful smaller islands in Turkish waters.

When you embark on a vacation in the Med, be prepared to experience an inspiring and rich mixture of culture; historical architecture and ruins from past civilizations – such as the Romans, Carian and Lycian to name a few. One of the well known pieces of history lie embedded in the cliffs in the charming town of Dalyan. The Caunos Rock Tombs are a marvel from the past. The  Dalyan river, once known as the Calbys river was the border between Caria and Lycia was an important sea port. The six rock tombs on the Dalyan river (4th – 2nd century BC) are Dalyan’s sight of interest.

How to Get to Caunos on a Turkish Charter Boat

To get to Caunos ancient city, your Turkish charter boat moors in Ekincik Bay. A beautiful place, quiet off season (April, first half of May, late October) with few gulet traffic. Your captain makes a call to anyone of of the local river boats called a piyade; and they come to your gulet and pick you up. From there a journey totalling about 1 – 1.5 hours brings you to the path that leads to the entrance of ancient Caunos. At the exit point of this archeological site, a further walk for approximately 10 mintues will bring you to where your “piyade” meets you. From there a further trip up the river presents the view of the Lycian King Rock Tombs seen from a distance. It is not permitted in the tour to take travelers to the tombs as it is considered dangerous.

Spending lazy days lounging about on your private boat holiday or strolling around in the nearby towns where you have dropped anchor – along the Mediterranean shores – can add delightful times while you get to know the area, culture and cuisine.  This is certainly a totally different world – particularly from the main city lifestyle.

It presents an atmosphere of innocence with cobbled pathways that lead to the waterfront where you can find restaurants and quaint little cafes on the edge of a wooden pier, watching  the other boats go by.  From the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean nearby Antalya all the way to the border that meets the Aegean in Marmaris and further south to the island of Crete and the islands along the way, charter boat Mediterranean style in Turkey is a treasure of memories waiting to be experienced.

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