Yacht Charters: Realistic Possibilities of Routes in the Eastern Mediterranean

How exciting it is to plan a holiday in the Eastern Mediterranean. There are so many destinations to see and activities to do. While we mention the Eastern Med, this includes the countries of Turkey, Greece and Croatia – for this article. As wonderful as it seems to decide on where to go in your boat holiday travels, there are certain routes that you may have in your mind, that may not be possible – and this last point really is based on time and budget.

We receive many requests for chartering a boat and travelers tend to see that on a map all seems close enough to the eye. But in reality, the distances can be long and may not allow for the cost and the time period of the booking.

Turkey – Greece – Croatia

For instance, Turkey and the Greek Islands in the Dodecanese are close enough that routes can be planned to visit both countries this way. Within a week long journey and return trip. But any other country such as Croatia from Turkey, is not – based on a certain price range and a one week period. That’s not to say that all three countries cannot be visited in a week. They certainly can. But why rush the journey. The point of a blue cruise or private yacht charter is to enjoy the trip, relax, be pampered, and discover breathtaking destinations.  There won’t be enough time to visit the feature destinations worth seeing.  The time won’t allow to anchor in places to go on land, as there is much to see and do. And since all that traveling by air has been done from faraway to come and visit these beautiful countries – it might as well be worth it!

Should an itinerary/route be designed to see all three countries by way of a private charter boat, within a week and one way; then most likely the boat owner will ask for the cost to return empty back to Turkey. This usually means charging the client either the cost in diesel, and/or the time of a week to return to its base port. Therefore the one week yacht holiday may end up costing double the price.

Under normal circumstances, traveling from Turkey through the islands of Greece, and ending in Croatia should be a two week trip, maybe even three, to truly take in the sites, while relaxing.

Turkey – Cyclades, Greece

A wonderful journey this is actually. There are many possibilities in a yacht charter from Turkey to the Greek Islands such as Santorini and further north to Mykonos. Again the same principles as above apply. If we were to look at the realistic feasibility of such as trip for a one week holiday, then the harbor to begin your travel would be Bodrum – the closest Turkish harbor to the Southern Cyclades.

Another factor to consider for this combination of destinations is the weather. During the months of July and August, the Aegean experiences rough sees due to the Meltemi winds. Traveling from the North to the South would be alright since you would have the winds behind you, but the other way around, or across from Bodrum heading west to Santorini, again, the boat may have to find sheltered bays frequently so as not to cause an uneasy trip. However so, it is a possible journey.

For one week, beginning in Bodrum, islands in the Cyclades that may be visited would not be many. If the purpose is to see Santorini, then from Bodrum, through the Dodecanese island of Kos, Astipalea, Anafi, and Santorini, return trip to Amorgos, back into the Dodecanese to Kalimnos, Pserimos, Kos and finally Bodrum. There can be other variations of this trip.

If you wanted to go to Mykonos from Turkey, again your start would ideally be Bodrum harbor. From this point, the yacht would travel Northwest passing and anchoring in the North Dodecanese islands and then over to the Cyclades.  Also with this plan, additional costs for re-delivery would be required by the charter yacht owner.

For more information on route planning for your next private yacht charter from Turkey, contact your agent for possibilities suitable to your criteria.

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