Yacht Charter Greece

A fascination to explore the Greek Islands has always been part of the allure to visit the riches of its history, discover the culture and savor the tastes of the Greek Mediterranean cuisine. There are many islands to visit during by yacht charter Greece. Yacht cruises from Turkey, or to Turkey can also be a part of your journey into the beautiful blue open waters of the seas.

yacht charter Greece
yacht charter Greece

Among the many islands groups, there are favored places to visit and be integrated into your itinerary. You can choose to do this with a private yacht charter Turkey holiday, or simply begin and end your blue cruise Greece vacation from any one of the major ports in Greece, such as Rhodes or Kos.

For a splendid yacht charter Greek Islands vacation, the island groups of choice are divided into 4 main destinations; namely the Dodecanese North, the Dodecanese South, the Cyclades, Sporades, Cretan islands in the southern Mediterranean, and the all-time favorite, the spectacular Ionian islands of Greece, featuring the island of Corfu. Greece is an excellent region of the Mediterranean for the well known holiday style of Greek Island Hopping!

Map of Dodecanese islands
Map of Dodecanese islands
Dodecanese Islands

Situated in the southeastern region of the Aegean sea in Greece, is the Dodecanese island group.  When translated it means “12 islands”, however in actuality, the Dodecanese comprises of about 50 islands and islets. Less than half of the islands (18) are inhabited.

For yacht charter Greece itineraries, the most favored and visited islands are Rhodes, Kos, and Symi. There are also islands that are visited in between these blue cruises; namely Karpathos, Kalymnos, Leros, Nissoros, Patmos, Kassos, Halki, Tilos, and Lipsi. However other inhabited islands are Kasteloriso, Astipalea, and Pserimos.

The islands of Rhodes and Kos are the most popular islands in the Mediterranean, especially for the beaches, history and nightlife entertainment.  Kalymnos is known for the sponge divers. Halki, Nissiros, Kassos, Tilos, and Persimmons are not influenced by massive tourism. The picturesque island of Symi is certainly worth a visit. The entrance to the port is filled with pastel color Greek houses which add to the existing natural beauty of the island.

There are direct charter flights available from European cities to islands Rhodes, Kos and Karpathos.

The name “Cyclades” refers to the islands forming a circle around the island of Delos. According to the Greek mythology, the God of Sea, Poseidon, angry at the Cyclades nymphs turned them into islands.

Santorini and Mykonos are a few of the most famous islands in the Aegean Greece, located in the Cyclades. The region possesses some of the most beautiful islands worldwide. With sandy beaches, the blue and while architecture, traditional Greek music, and unique landscapes offer special experiences for travelers each year. Many yacht charter holidays that embark from Bodrum, Turkey visit the region for great island hopping fun. Alternatively beginning your yacht cruise from any one of the selected Greek Islands to the Cyclades is possible as well.

Yacht Charter Greece

The Cyclades islands comprise 39 islands of which only 24 are inhabited. Other visited Greek islands are Amorgos, Anafi, Andros, Antiparos, Delos, Ios, Kea, Kimolos, Folegandros, Milos, Naxos, Paros, Serifos, Sikinos, Sifnos, Syros, and Tinos.  Vistors will find a combination of a cosmopolitan nightlife as well as tranquility and peace.  For yacht or gulet charters from Turkey the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, and Paros are visited. However, custom itineraries can also be planned and organized as well.

Ionian islands of Greece
Ionian islands of Greece
Ionian Islands

The picturesque islands of Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Paxos, and Kythira and all located in the Ionian Sea, just off the west coast of Greece.  These islands are known for their outstanding beauty, magnificent waters, and quaint villages and of course impressive scenery all around.

Ionian Islands combine a variety of unique sights, diving, and other water sports, cultural events, along with historic monuments and museums certainly worth a visit. There are many beaches that offer world famous windsurfing centers due to the prevailing air currents on the Ionian islands. Temperatures are mild therefore ideal to visit just about any time of the year – as the cold northern winds are stopped from the mountains of central Greece from reaching the islands in the winter. In the summer the breeze from the northwestern meltemi winds pass over the sea, tempering the heat from the sun.

Yacht Charter Greece

If you are seeking a nearly perfect group of destinations to visit, the Ionians might be a great choice to consider for yacht charters in Greek Islands. Again, a special custom itinerary can be planned to suit your requirements with charter yachts that are suitable to your group’s criteria.

Sporades islands of Greece
Sporades islands of Greece
Sporades Islands

The Sporades also possesses a few of the popular places to visit during a Greek Island yacht charter vacation – located on the east coast of mainland Greece, in the northwest Aegean Sea. This group of islands is divided into another 5 groups. It’s a region that is also ideal to include if you are going Greek Island hopping.  Of the 11 islands, 4 of the islands are inhabited; namely Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, and Skyros.  Recognized by a dense vegetation and mountainous terrain, they are known to offer some of the cleanest beaches and beautiful waters in the world.

Skiathos is filled with great walking paths, olive groves, with the famous Koukounaries forest and Lake Strofilia, leisure walks around the Kanapitsa peninsula, it can be a pleasure for nature lovers to explore during their yacht holidays in Greece. Another explore can be a 7 km walk to the historical churches of Skiathos (Evagelistrias Monastery & the Churches of St. Harálambos, St. Apóstolos and St. Dimitrios).  The island of Alonissos is home to the Mediterranean Monk Seal – one of the largest species of seals in the world.

Yacht Charter Greece

For peaceful and serene holidays a stop to visit the island of Skopelos might be possible in a custom-tailored yacht charter route in the Greek Islands.

Crete island Greece
Crete island Greece
Cretan Islands

Among the hundreds of islands of Greece located mainly in the Aegean sea, the island of Crete is not only the largest island in Greece but also the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea. It draws a good ratio of visitors from around the globe compared to other areas of Greece.  Much can be found, enjoyed, seen, done and further explored in the impressive island of Crete.  There isn’t much detail necessary to go into about Crete as it has it all – from the ruins of past civilizations, expansive ancient history along with the cities that were a part of it, to breathtaking beaches, infinite shopping opportunities, awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes, and the island’s rich gastronomic culture, Crete itself can be a holiday on its own.

With a Mediterranean island hopping holiday, you can easily spend your vacation with family and friends in Crete and discover all the treasures that it has to offer.

Depending on where you yacht charter docks, there are a variety of regions that offer its own unique characteristics to enjoy. On the western side of the island is the district of Chania with its the White Mountains and reminiscent characteristic of Venetian rule.

Rethymno is known for its beautiful mountain views, beaches, legendary caves, historical monasteries and monuments, villages and resorts.

Densely populated area of Crete is Heraklion situated in between two mountain ranges it is treasured with impressive archaeological finds, momentous settlements along the coast, charming villages, valleys of olive groves and vineyards. Heraklion is an alluring region of Crete island.

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