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A picture of a holiday can only be painted based on facts. The actual portrait is unique to each traveler with the memories from the experiences that are lived. Itineraries are facts. Menus are facts. The Turkish destinations are facts as are the gulet for charter.

The dream is to be on these types of holidays. The reality is putting together all the facts and living through it. However as much as you can read about the timeless history, the unique cultures, the joy of strolling through the quaint towns, villages and harbor cities and the fun in local shopping at the marketplaces, it isn’t the reality until you experience it yourself.

blue cruise in Turkey
Turkish sailing holidays are made of all these things and much more. In order to find out the reality there are a few items on the list of things to know and want. When you decide that this season you choose a boat charter vacation instead of a holiday on land, knowing the time of year you and your group can travel, size of the group, what everyone wants to do and where they wish to see and how much money each group member can afford will get you started on the right track. With this basic information a yacht charter agent can offer you a boat holiday in Turkish sites accordingly.

Unsure of some things, ask. It’s better to ask than to fall into a surprise – unpleasant or not. The more you ask, the better you can understand how things work, get planned and organized. Although an agent will give you as much information as possible, there are always questions left unanswered – especially if it is your first time booking a boat holiday.

blue cruise meals onboard by cf yacht

Then afterwards, when all is done and you arrive to your boat, sit back and relax on your blue cruise Turkish sites vacation, and start collecting the memories from the experiences you will live during your adventure at sea.

A Turkish sailing holiday, also known as a gulet cruise, is a popular vacation option in Turkey where guests sail along the beautiful coast of Turkey on a traditional wooden boat called a gulet. These boats are typically equipped with comfortable accommodations, including private cabins and bathrooms, as well as dining and lounge areas.

The route of a Turkish sailing holiday can vary, but they often include stops at popular tourist destinations along the Turkish coast, such as the ancient city of Ephesus, the Blue Lagoon, and the Butterfly Valley. Guests can also visit small, unspoiled villages, secluded bays, and go swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

The best time to go for a Turkish gulet holiday is from May to October when the weather is warm, and seas are calm. During the sailing holiday, the boat will be anchored in a different place each night and that way you can explore the surrounding areas, dine on the deck under the stars, and enjoy the ambiance of the sea.

These holidays are popular for families, couples, and groups of friends, and can be booked through various travel agencies or directly with a gulet cruise Turkey operator. The BY CF yacht is available for Turkish coast charter tours.

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