Turquoise Bays & Mediterranean Patterns of Turkish Yacht Charter

Turkey is a remarkable place with a unique coastline of special patterns that begin in the Mediterranean and stretches to exceptional turquoise bays and wide open harbors for travelers to enjoy. These timeless characteristics are genuinely appreciated during the 300 days of sunshine and fantastic climate conditions throughout the year. What’s more, these delights are best lived aboard a Turkish yacht charter.

To embark on a yacht charter Turkey vacation, one must realize that it does not only offer luxury motor yacht charters or bareboat rentals; but goes beyond to give more of what the Turkish culture is all about. We call them gulets. These exceptional Turkey yacht charters can not only be classic in design but also modern in facilities. The older gulet builds possess a true Turkish decor and make one truly feel like they are experiencing their yacht holidays in Turkey.

Among the handcrafted wood decor you can find Turkish rugs in the salon and cabins, the symbolic glass evil eye (nazar boncuğu) hung above the entrance out to the deck, and the aroma of freshly brewed Turkish tea – once in the morning, then later during the 5 o’clock tea time. Occasionally you might hear the melodies of Turkish music played lightly in the background. Then there is the mouthwatering smell of savory delights served during meal times; such as fresh fish caught from the sea, succulent lamb – grilled or barbequed, Turkish meatballs – they call köfte, and lightly seasoned vegetable casseroles, completed with an abundant selection of fresh seasonal fruits to enjoy after meal times.

In addition to the above mentioned relishes on board a gulet yacht charter, the country boasts captivating turquoise shores lined with secluded bays  and charming little islands that create the most pleasurable settings. Whatever your expectations for an ideal Mediterranean private yacht charter in Turkey, don’t set them too high. These holidays are meant to be easy going, flexible, relaxing, and offered with warm hospitable crews aimed only to please their guests on their blue cruise Turkey vacations.

As for your Mediterranean patterns, they derive from your itineraries. Southern Turkey offers many of the best places to embark from that are all very reasonably located from the International airports of Dalaman and Milas. Your choices range from the quaint town of Gocek, over to Fethiye, and further on to the major harbors of Marmaris and Bodrum.

Where will your Turkish yacht charter holidays be in the upcoming yacht charter season?

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