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Turkish Yacht Charters with Unique Design and Decor

Gulets are already unique boats to charter. But what makes them all the more different are the owners who design and build them. Yes, each gulet is one-of-a-kind and custom designed to the way the owners and/or builders choose for these  boats to be.  It’s exciting to think that gulets are not factory molds, where by the model number you would already know what to expect in layout and decor. Doesn’t that just sound so cool?

Below we have selected a few gulets, which we felt were awesome and different – where when you look at them from the outside, you would not expect the inside to be like it is. 🙂 … expect the unexpected!

Here is a gulet charter with a classic allure. The interior of the cabins are practically a signature as no other gulet is defined as such. Along with this gulet is another one by the same owner whom has followed through with this signature design. The ultra deluxe class Kaptan Kadir provides an exceptional crew – undoubtly one of the best in the business due to the owner’s persistance for excellance.  She is truly a masterpiece in fine gulet luxury. You can see more photos here of Kaptan Kadir gulet.

Kaptan Kadir gulet guest cabin

Here predecessor is the Mare Nostrum Turkish yacht charter. Not only is the name a brand, this VIP class gulet comes with a impeccable reputation overall.

Mare Nostrum twin cabin



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