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Turkish Gulets Meant for Sailing in the Mediterranean

There are gulets and then there are gulets meant for sailing. While many travelers who have never been on a gulet, but have seen the photos, may be under the impression that they all sail continuously during blue cruise holidays.  This may be true. However sometimes it depends on the rigging and number of crew.  For sailing, there needs to be enough crew members capable and knowledgeable to participate in the teamwork to get a gulet to sail.  If there are more service oriented crew personel and less for sailing, then the standard sailing option of 2 to 3 days per week is possible with many gulets.

View yacht charters in Bodrum Turkey Luxury sailing yacht charter Miss B gulet ketch

In order to understand how much sailing guests can experience on board a gulet, is to discuss this subject with their charter agent and express their expectations.  During a one week holiday, if the distances are long, and the time of year does not allow for continuous sailing in certain regions, sailing may not be possible everyday.  There are regions which provide better sailing conditions then others.  Then there are times of the year where good winds are possible.  Putting together this information, along with other client requirements may then honor the expectations of the guests on board.

Turkish blue cruise on board sailing yacht Dolce Vita gulet

Alternatively, there are travelers who are excited by the thought of sailing. Then during their yacht charter Mediterranean vacation, the sails come out, the boat leans, and the feeling of sailing is not so welcoming to them.  Therefore pleasant gulet cruises are preferred, which does provide a lovely “cruising in Turkey” experience.

Blue cruise holidays in Turkey - Dolce Mare yacht
Blue cruise holidays in Turkey – Dolce Mare yacht

A few gulet and motorsailor choices that are capable of offering sailing everyday or for the most part of the cruises in Turkey are as follows and in no particular order – provided the conditions are right.

Bodrum sailing super yacht Regina

Starting off, we have the exquisite 40m Zelda (hydraulic), the unique 36m Silver Moon,  the well priced 26m G & G gulet, the popular 30m Blue Heaven gulet, the impressive 36m VIP Dolce Mare, and the 34m deluxe Dolce Vita, as well as the VIP Casa Del Arte II, the globally known 56m Ultimate VIP… Regina yacht (known for her role in Skyfall), the 2011 built 46m VIP Cobra Infinity, the 34m Cobra King, and last but certainly not least, the 28m boutique yacht Miss B.

Among these and other gulets in the Turkish yacht charters, there is certainly a variety of charter prices for travelers to choose from.

Silver Moon Yacht



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