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Turkish Gulet Cruises – Turkey offers an impressive coastline lined with unique destinations full of color, life, culture, and history. From islands and secluded bays; hidden coves and bustling harbors; to ancient cities and ruins and more; there is never a dull moment when you decide on a holiday in Turkey. In addition to these stunning sights, the Turkish culture combines a wide variety in authentic dishes from the kitchens from the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. When you take all of the above beauties and combine it with a blue cruise on board a uniquely handcrafted Turkish yacht we call a gulet; be prepared to experience a journey full of sweet pleasures, ultimate serenity, total excitement and wholesome fun.

turkish gulet cruises

Turkish Gulet Cruises

Turkish gulet cruises are offered as private yacht charter in Turkey. Each gulet cruise can be organized according to your personal holiday requirements or you can alternatively choose from a selection of pre-arranged gulet cruise holiday packages. The choices are there for you to decide on which route to take.

Should you decide to engage in a private gulet charter, the selection of gulets can cater to many different price levels. From the budget friendly boat holidays for families and groups of friends, to the high end elite groups for exclusive or corporate yacht charters. Not all gulets are the same. While some offer basic cabins with air conditioning and en suites, just comfortable enough for resting and sleeping; there are gulets that provide more in the concept of  audio visual entertainment and first class spacious layout and design. Some gulets will appear quite classic from the exterior, however surprisingly modern on the inside. In the older built gulets, many a time, the decor represents the classic Turkish culture – which in essence does make the trip a bit more authentic overall.

Turkish Gulet Cruises

Gulet cruise packages are ideal for travelers who are not too particular on the details – when all the basic details have been covered. All that you need for your Turkish gulet cruises has already been thought of and arranged. All you have to do is choose the package that suits your style and budget, and come on board to enjoy your holiday at sea. These too are private gulet holidays. The gulets chosen are based on the package type. There are three types of packages. A luxury gulet cruise package, a deluxe gulet package and a ultra deluxe gulet package. Based on the availability at the time of your booking, a few choices in gulets are offered for you to choose from. Yes, you can still chose your yacht from the offers given, and the price remains the same.

Turkish Gulet Cruises

What ever your personal taste and needs lead you to decide on, rest assure that the destinations, the cruising and sailing experience will not differ between a privately selected gulet or one from a gulet cruise package.

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