Turkish Gulet Cruises With Popular Greek Island Itineraries

Between the Mediterranean and Aegean sea regions, both Turkey and the Greek Islands you will find plenty of choices for itineraries. For these lovely blue cruises, there are many ideal selections for Turkish gulets for charter to take you to these incredible destinations. You can begin your journey from the shores of Turkey, or from any one of the major Greek Islands nearby. There are also itineraries that allow you to choose only a Greek Island hopping route; such as in yacht charters from Corfu Island in the Ionians.

Corfu – Ionians Greece

Yacht charter Greek Islands is a superb way to enjoy the great open seas. The most popular island groups to enjoy gulet cruises can be in the North or South Dodecanese, Cyclades, Ionians and all the way south to the island of Crete – the largest island in the Mediterranean.

Zakynthos for your Greek Island yacht charter holidays Greek Island boat charters to Mykonos island in the Cyclades

The Cyclades is an often visited region from the Turkish coastline.  Islands found quite common in boat charter routes are Santorini, popular for its sunsets; and Mykonos with its delightful Greek taverns and overall atmosphere. Further northwest of mainland Greece, nearby Athens, is the island of Corfu. There is just about everything for everyone in Corfu. Whether its total nightlife entertainment or peaceful and relaxing leisure activities, you will find it all in Corfu.

In the Dodecanese island group the fascinating city and island of Rhodes is much explored among seafaring travelers every year. It offers plenty to see and do, particularly in the Old Town where you will find an array of lovely shops and cafes. The night life is also plentiful in Rhodes. One night there can offer you a good choice of where to have fun and dance the night away.

The two major ports that travelers can begin their journey from Turkey, in and around the Greek Islands is either Bodrum or Marmaris. These exciting cities are quite close to the Dodecanese islands of Rhodes, Symi, as well as Kos. Alternatively, gulets can also start the route from either Rhodes or Kos islands and cruise to Turkish waters.

Gulet cruises Marmaris for your gulet holidays in Turkey

As you can see, the combinations are nearly endless in yacht charter itineraries on board Turkish gulets. Why not find out which of the islands in Greece you wish to explore with a discovery blue cruise holiday from Turkey.

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