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Turkey Gulet Cruises And Island Hopping Pleasures For Groups

There comes a time when the sounds of the city surfaces the urge to get-a-way from it all. New places, smiling faces, warm tropical climate, cool refreshing drinks, picturesque scenery, and most of all… silence is needed. A time when the only sounds you want to hear are just peace and quiet. This is when holiday planning comes to mind. A gulet cruise holiday, or even better, an island hopping in the Greek Islands from Turkey on board a gulet charter is a fantastic remedy for the urge to escape.

Cyclades at sunset during your yacht holidays from Turkey to Greece

Pick a paradise. Any paradise. Turkey offers a big wide coastline from the Mediterranean all the way to the southern Aegean for destination choices. The preferred places to embark from are Bodrum and Marmaris if you plan on exploring the plethora of islands in Greece. The Dodecanese is the closest to the waters of Turkey. However you can enjoy a Turkish gulet cruise to the Cyclades where the well known islands of Santorini and Mikonos reside – and all the little islands with their private bays in between your anchorage points.

Greek island of Mykonos

Turkey Gulet Charter

Going island hopping from Turkey is quite easy. It makes not a difference in the destinations, when choosing your Turkey gulet charter accommodation either. Besides, you will be spending most of your time on deck, in the water, and some on land.

Gulet cruises in Turkey on board the Casa del Arte sailing yacht
Gulet cruises in Turkey on board the Casa del Arte sailing yacht

Consult with your gulet charter agent for your group holiday on Turkey gulet charter and find out what selections there are for cruising the islands of Greece from Turkey.



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