Top 3 Islands on a Luxury Yacht Holiday in the Greek Cyclades

A circular group of islands situated in the Greek Aegean sea, the Cyclades possess some of the most enchanting and exciting islands in Europe. One may visit one or many. Each offers its own brilliance from an ancient world of temples and churches, monasteries and monuments, castles and towers; and of course, stunning beaches and peerless bays. As it has been for decades, there are 3 islands that have generated the temptation to explore, by travelers worldwide.


Ideal for romantics, an island famed for its sunset weddings and honeymooners’ paradise; Santorini has always ranked high in destination hot spots to visit, no matter the time of year. The remains of an island after a massive volcanic eruption, Santorini or Thira, is situated at the southern most corner of the Cyclades region.  The past volcanic explosions had destroyed the earliest settlements, creating huge caldera – basically a large rectangular shaped lagoon surrounded by tall 300 meter cliffs on three sides. It is this distinguishing feature of the island, that is portrayed in many of the famous photos of Santorini Island.

Santorini Greece (Caldera)
Santorini Greece (Caldera)

What can a traveler expect to do on Santorini Island?

Well the highlights include and certainly not limited to plenty of entertainment, breathtaking beaches, tons of shopping delights and certainly sightseeing the archaeological ruins, churches, museums and volcano. When it comes to beaches, Santorini offers choice in color. Yes, black sandy, red sandy or white. Take your pick! Of the beaches around this moonscaped island, it has been said that the two famous beaches to visit are Perissa and Perivolos and offer the longest black sandy beaches on the island. In the region are some restaurants, hotels and Greek tavernas.


Moving on, not surprising, another island however located on the opposite end of the Cyclades from Santorini, is the “Island of the Winds”, Mykonos or Mikonos. Renown for its spectacular nightlife selections while drawing the most famous celebrities in the world, there are bars, clubs, restaurants galore! However Mykonos cannot certainly not be labelled just for this as the island boasts in stunning beaches by refreshing Aegean waters;  as well mythology, history and culture. From the glamore-stuck to those seeking tranquility, or something in the middle – there is something for everyone in Mykonos.

Mykonos Greece
Mykonos Greece

What are the highlight areas or places of Mykonos Island?

Well referred to as “little Venice” in Alefkántra with its bar and cafes and picturesque presentation, Mykonos Island is a center for an array of entertainment. Catch a sunset after a good day at sea, or wake up to its fresh sunrise just before you enjoy your blue cruise breakfast on board your charter yacht, while moored at one of the bays. Dominated by windmills, hence the term “Island of the Winds”, there are several ancient ruins to see during a delightful visit in Mykonos. Such like Santorini, Mykonos also offers something for a variety of traveler’s styles.

Old settlements such as Ano Mera, the historical monastery of Panayia Tourliani (16th Century), to the north is a significant Neolithic settlement, Ftelia; and a 13th-14th Century B.C. Mycenaean tomb could also be a part of your travels.

The waterfront itself is an area full of vibrance – especially during the summer months. Guests can enjoy a stroll in and around its narrow marble streets and white-washes houses with painted doors and window frames in a kaliedescope of colors. Places to visit could include the Panayia Paraportiani Church, the Town Hall and Castle in the harbor. There is also the Archaeological, Folklore and Maritime Museums. The capital, Hora, also offers the famous Matoyanni Street full of brand name shops, cafes and restaurants. There is certainly no reason to be bored in Mykonos as the list goes on in where to go and see.


Last but certainly not least is the island of Amorgos. During a private yacht charter holiday from Turkey, a route to include this interesting island, furthest east of the Cyclades and neighboring the upper Dodecanese, can be considered. While not many of the main gulet itineraries integrate this island – like all the many other fascinating islands in the Cyclades, Amorgos has unique characteristics that may be worth a visit as well.

Amorgos Greece
Amorgos Greece

What are the highlight areas or places of Amorgos Island?

One of the most stunning landmarks on Amorgos is the amazing Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery. It is literally located on the cliff side. This unique structure was built during the 2nd millennium for the sake of protecting a religious icon – seen on public display inside. There is a dress code to enter. The overall atmospher is serene as it isn’t all the visited by mass tourism. Which for some may be just the right setting. Amorgos offers the traditional Greek tavernas, white-washes houses, stoned streets, curtained with bougainvillea. It is an ideal place to enjoy some traditional Greek cuisine with a select assortment of “Raki”. Amorgos is a picturesque island with beautiful beaches, azure waters and caves to unwind around.

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Have you been to any one of the alluring islands? If not, why not explore on a private yacht charter from either Turkey or Greece?

NOTE: The best times of the yacht charter season to explore the Cyclades is May, first half of June, from mid September until the end of October.  All other months it is difficult to find a charter yacht that will sail in Meltemi season when the north winds are at its highest and waves reach as high as 5 or higher meters.

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