Let’s Party on the Boat Charter

It is surely possible to throw a party. If you think the opposite, then let us tell you that you may be mistaken. Beautiful wooden gulet by the sunset, a kindly chilled champagne glasses for a memorable toast! And now you know gulets are not designed only for cruising. Let us to introduce you the […]

Luxury Gulet Charter is Top Level Vacation

Can you remember how did you get prepared for your previous vacation? How about planning and getting ready for all details? It was a week or two in all inclusive resort and fun. You had all you wish for and you enjoyed. How about feeling private and live real comfort. If you think this is […]

Is The Blue Voyage Holidays Only For Some People

Home of the blue voyage is definitely Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Those two have them all, tranquility, amazing pinpoints, different tastes and the mixture of Turkish-Greek culture that melts in the same pot. Every human being must experience to have this unique lifetime experience by gulet cruise. That is what most people do every single […]

Top 3 Historical Ruins To Be Seen While Cruising in Turkey

Turkey has a great heritage to show you and for those who join a gulet holiday are luckier ones to have an all-inclusive pack for all while they enjoy a blue voyage vacation in the meantime. If the country has a lot to offer then from where to start first? It is impossible to see […]

Is Early Booking Beneficial for Gulet Charter

Gulet holiday is an exceptional way of having a vacation. You come on board and you will be provided only the best. No need table reservation, no worries to catch any buses for excursions, no stressing out to get a cabana at the beach, etc.  You get to see the best places in the shortest […]

Why Chartering a Gulet in Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is the one of the senior fellows of unofficial blue cruise club of Aegean sea. If you go around the small villages of Marmaris do not be so surprised to see people who built their own gulets in their backyard. It is a tradition to hand down from father to son. This is the […]

Blue Cruise Turkey is Rising Star in Europe

Social media, cinema, fashion industry and tv shows are very strong demands on what we like and live for. Because the show became very strong effect in tourism industry since 2014 and imagine they still have upcoming fantastic final for upcoming season. This is another proof how trends rule our lives. Another good news for […]

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