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What Stands Out About Gulet Charters Sirius and Rigel?

As we’ve previously mentioned in past articles, you won’t find factory molds in gulets. They are as custom built as a wooden vessel can get. Each gulet built, even from way back, is as unique as the individuals who have built them. There is no such thing as a gulet mass production and that is probably one of the reasons these beautiful boats attract travelers from around the world. A Turkish original, gulets and the blue cruise holidays the boats are meant for nowadays integrate the whole experience with Turkey’s ancient history, rich culture and fresh cuisine and of course the turquoise bays and deep blues of the Eastern Mediterranean sea.

Two such gulets which contribute to the beauty of these holidays are Sirius and Rigel. While each gulet in the industry is different, these two charter gulets are not. The only thing that separates them are the names and crews. Twin Turkish gulet charters and make for a great fleet if traveling as a large group. You will not easily find two sets of photos, only one. It is not often that one gulet will be built the same as its predecessor.

Sirius and Rigel gulets in Turkey Sirius and Rigel gulet charters

According to an agent source, in 2014, gulet charter Sirius will be based in Gocek; while gulet Rigel will be serving out of Bodrum harbor. So if you really like these Turkish gulet charters, and should one not be available, the other might.  Same gulet, two separate ports. How convenient is that!

Forward deck with dining option Master cabin

The gulets measure just over 30 meters and last refitted in 2012. They offer 5 cabins to accommodate up to 10 guests. As seen in the photos, there is a short forward deck and 2-level upper sunning decks (views are great from there), as well as a shaded aft deck for lounging and alfresco dining. The forward deck also has a spacious u-shaped seating area for taking in the views during your gulet charter trip. Full sails, Mediterranean color scheme of blue, while and wood, and great crews, make for a great choice – or rather choices, for cruising the ancient waters of Turkey and Greek Islands.

Aft deck

What would be your pick? A Gocek gulet charter; Sirius ? or a Bodrum gulet charter; Rigel ?



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