Planning a Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey

Planning a Luxury Yacht Charter itinerary in Turkey? What better region to start looking than the Mediterranean.  The Southern coast of Turkey boasts a wonderful collage of pure culture, rich history, breathtaking nature and certainly the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea.  It combines an offer for you – one that is of the most pleasurable vacation regions in the world.  To plan an itinerary from Turkey can be a very exciting experience.  It is a dream vacation at sea that is meant for your pleasure  with your friends and family or teammates. With so many impressive places to discover there are many choices you can make to organize the type of yacht rental holiday you are eager on spending with your group. Each and every harbor or bay has its own sparkle, its own dialect, and own local culture and cuisine.  It’s an all out completely unique and distinct experience.

Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey – Marmaris Harbor

While one harbor can be ideal for those who prefer a good nightlife and dinning entertainment, others will offer the simplicity and peace. The only sounds you may hear are the crickets and soothing sounds of the waves as they roll out on to the beaches.  There are a number of private bays where you may be the only yacht anchored.  Whereas in other areas the harbor or bays will be filled with a beautiful assortment of boats to see.

Unwind aboard a luxury yacht charter in Turkey

When you plan an itinerary, you don’t necessarily have to plan it all out, but might like to have an idea as to what you wish to do and what type of places you would like to see.  From water sports activities present on board or in the bays that you visit, to land excursions, biking, hiking, shopping and dining, there is much to choose from or combine. You private boat Turkey holidays are most times custom planned according to your requests.

You have a lovely floating hotel, where your views can change at any given time. When plaaninf Turkey vacation, it brings with it a level of freedom as well as privacy.  However if you are the more social type that loves to meet other people from around the globe then a more bustling harbor such as Bodrum may be a good place to start.  Like Bodrum, the fantastic city of Marmaris too is a great harbor to embark from; with its colorful shops and restaurant variety, Marmaris is quite the favored holiday hot spot by holidaymakers and yachtsmen alike.  Embarking from either point can lead you to extend your itinerary to the Greek Islands as well, due to its close proximity to the Dodecanese – where the ancient islands of Rhodes and Kos are a wonder to visit.

A cafe on the waterfront overlooking the Bodrum Castle of the Knights of St. John

Mediterranean luxury boat charters have a great many perks. It’s a highly rewarding holidaying experience that can leave you with  precious memories that may lure you back for more.  There is a perfect itinerary for all blue voyage travelers!

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