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Mexico or Turkey? Which Mezcal is Right for You?

According to a description in Wikipedia, Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage, made from a plant called the Maguey – native to Mexico. When translated it means “oven-cooked agave”. The Maguey plant was considered one of the most sacred plans in pre-Hispanic Mexico. But that’s not the Mezcals we are talking about. In fact, in addition to this unique beverage, there are 2 other Mezcals known or not so known, available for your pleasure. They too, offer the consumption of liquids. 🙂  One is located in Mexico’s Baha California Sur. A small and picturesque place called La Paz in the Sea of Cortez.  While the other is in the Eastern Mediterranean of Turkey. Turkey? you say. Yes, Turkey. Didn’t know you could find Mezcal in Turkey, did you?

This first Mezcal was constructed in Turkey. She measures 28 meters in length with 6 luxury cabins, fully equipped with air conditioning and en suites. During the later part of 2012, Mezcal gulet was transported to her new home base in La Paz, Mexico. She is also the predecessor of the infamous Mezcal 2.

A magnificent Turkish gulet boasting 38 meters in overall length and fitted with 6 very spacious and well designed cabins. The Mezcal 2 is quite new; however has experienced 2 full seasons in the Mediterranean and Aegean shores of Turkey.  Mezcal 2 gulet was launched in 2012 and continues to serve blue cruise travelers for their dream yacht charter holidays in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Oh did we mention that the new Mezcal 2 is ultimately luxurious and comes with an exceptional crew – who were transferred from the original Mezcal gulet, or that there is a huge jacuzzi on the fore deck area and that she is usually booked up quite early in the season?



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