Meeting Captain Jack In Marmaris

Marmaris is a great place to be all year round. The harbor especially is an area visited by thousands each year by boat, ship and land. Everyday, particularly during the Spring and Summer months, there is always something going on in Marmaris. If you live here, you are always bound to run into any one and everyone. Today was one of those days. A warm and sunny Sunday with a splendid Spring breeze.

A mid morning stroll led us to run into Captain Jack. He was finishing up the final touches on his gulet the ‘Captain Jack’, before their Turkish blue cruise journey this coming weekend with new guests from abroad.  All excited at the new touches, things that they felt would make the cruising experience on board all the more better, were all being taken care of.

This classic gulet is a family run business – so don’t expect VIP accommodation, but rather VIP warmth, smiles and best on board services possible, instead. The cabins are well maintained, new A/C systems installed… she offers 8 comfortable and spacious cabins for up to 16 guests.

First glance at this wooden ketch – the exterior of the aft resembles a piece of pirate imagery with the wooden grid windows and writing style of her name. The captain acquired his name from his guests who felt that he had a resemblance to the Captain Jack we all know in movies. He liked the idea so much that he named his boat after his new title.

This particular gulet and her crew have only one goal as Captain Jack expressed;  “We simply want to give our best in services and cleanliness, good fresh foods, and truly make all of our guests feel at home and comfortable. We entertain according to the atmosphere and serve based on our guest’s expectations – if not do our best to exceed them. There is nothing set in stone with our crew. It’s all about having the best times at sea with everyone and really make our guests happy that they decided to sail with us.”

So gather up your family, your friends, and neighbors for a Captain Jack kind of gulet cruising in Turkey. She is based in Marmaris and fully equipped to travel east to the Mediterranean or west further into the Aegean regions; as well as down south to the Greek Islands. The crew of the Captain Jack are at your disposal for one of the best private blue cruise holidays in Turkey.

We will be following up with their final touches on the boat, and will be back again to show and tell more, so check again soon with us to see how the Captain Jack gulet has turned out for the 2013 Turkish gulet charter season from Marmaris!



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