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It’s Not All Gulets and No Motor Yachts in the Mediterranean of Turkey

As a country full of culture, history and cuisine, Southern Turkey is also known for the beautifully handcrafted wooden gulets that decorate the waters of the Mediterranean each year. There are literally hundreds of these lovely boats in so many different styles and sizes. Varying from the 2 cabin boutique boat charters to the impressive over 50 meter VIP or Deluxe gulets. However it’s not all gulets that you will see in the turquoise waters of the seas.  Motor yachts seem to be a growing demand. With a motor yacht Turkey is one of the most spectacular places to cruise around. The appealing speed and power allows you to have the chance to see more, than if you were only sailing.

Private motor yacht charter at sunset : Marmaris, Turkey
Private motor yacht charter at sunset : Marmaris, Turkey

The most variety of motor yacht charters is in the ports of Gocek and Bodrum; while there are also charter motor yachts in Marmaris and Fethiye as well. Although motor yachts are a bit more pricey since there is extra APA to pay and higher fuel consumption. However chartering a motor yacht is personal preference which could be assurance of a brand name, the speed to see more destinations, or other personal choices. From the family sized yachts to the huge mega yachts, there is a yacht for many style of travelers.

Yachts in the harbor : Turkey Family size motor yacht rental in a private bay : Turkey


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