How do you Prepare for a Boat Charter in Turkey?

A boat charter in Turkey are holidays that are meant for those who wish to be in the surroundings of nature and the beautiful  Mediterranean sea. It’s also a time away from home for quality moments to yourself or with family and friends. Mediterranean yacht holidays can add color and  life to your time by offering the best of personalized services, special destinations with a dash of history and culture, bustling  harbors, traditional shopping and dining experiences, entertainment and much more. If you heart is set on a superb private yacht charter in the Mediterranean, your first question, during the booking process or before, or even after you have booked, should be; how do you prepare for a boat charter in Turkey?


When you decide to go on a private boat holiday, the very first thing to establish is your budget. Without a budget, the agent cannot know where to start when preparing an offer for you – since there are hundreds of charter boats to choose from.  If the maximum budget is evident, then the agent moves on to the details of which yacht would be ideal for your sized group based on how much you can spend on your boat holiday. Sometimes stretching your budget a little, may give you just the right boat with the most for your money. That small amount of money may make a big difference; particularly if you let it be known how serious you are about booking a yacht holiday (serious meaning the agent can negotiate well with the owner to get you the best price discount)

Booking – The Timing

The most difficult time to look for last minute yacht charters is during the Ramadan holiday week. This is the week that most boats will have higher prices to maximize on that week, compared to the remaining weeks of the year.  That is not to say that you won’t find a yacht for hire, but it will be limited in selection.  Therefore the second week of August is a slightly different scenario. So keep that in mind when deciding on which period to hire a charter boat in Turkey.

Your Group

When you send in your inquiry and requirements for renting a boat, if you have children coming along for the cruise, it may be good to specify their ages. This can help in selecting a boat that is ideal for children.  Should your group consists of couples, this might be good to mention as well so that they do not end up with a yacht cabin that has two twin beds – unless it doesn’t make a difference.

Additional Costs

When you are establishing your budget, it is recommended to also allocate funds for your blue cruise menu. There are three types of menu to choose from. The Standard, Lux and the Deluxe Menu, which offers more variety in dishes, particularly during dinner time.  The menus are generally not included in private yacht charters. The beverages and alcoholic beverages are also not included.

Another cost that you might like to set aside funds for are port fees if you are traveling to the Greece Islands. The harbor fees are included in the rental of the boat in Turkey, but not in Greece.  Lastly, souvenirs. Should you decide that you wish to take back home gifts or souvenirs for yourself, extra monies for these kinds of items may be an idea.

Travel Insurance

One of the most important things on your check-list should be insurance. Although the yachts are insured, travel health insurance is certainly advisable; especially if you are travelling with children.


You will be staying in a cabin. Therefore using lightweight luggage or folding luggage such as backpacks or duffle bags would be ideal. That way you can always tuck them away in the cabinets found in each of the cabins.  On the other hand, should you be in a master cabin or a large gulet (28 meter in length and up), then you may not have the need to save on space. 🙂

These are important items to consider when preparing to hire a boat in Turkey.  The above should get you started on the right track.  Have a great holiday!

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