Turkey Yacht Charter

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Turkey Yacht Charter

Turkey yacht charter

Find top tier yacht charter in Turkey, Greek Islands and Mediterranean. Luxury yachts for families, couples, corporate and events. We combine our boat rental and motor yacht charter resources, knowledge, and skills so that you and your guests can enjoy the many treasures that the Aegean sea have to offer. Together with you, your guests, and the captains, we put together the best possible Turkish coast itineraries.

Luxury gulet charter are made with traditional gulet type boats. These boats are made entirely of wood and are produced as a full cruise luxury gulet. It has modernly designed cabins, fully equipped kitchens, living and dining areas, decks, and separate cabins for crew. From the moment you cut your ties with the land, you are free. Everything you might need is on board. Your luggage for the trip is also loaded. A new adventure begins for you after your captain takes anchor from the shore.

Anchoring at night in the coves covered with pine trees on the coasts that integrate with the sea and the land, dreaming by watching the stars on the deck, experiencing the beautiful feeling of seeing new coves during the day, swimming as you please, tasting delicious food are the first things that the gulet holiday brings to mind.
Replicate this list yourself. Add something else every day. It is impossible to get bored during your sailing holiday that you will spend to the fullest. When your holiday is over, you will start to make plans for the next summer when you approach the shore.

Turkey yacht charter are a very fun voyage with a group of friends or family that you get along well with. That one or two weeks will not only take away your stress and tiredness that has accumulated throughout the year, but will also provide a very good motivation afterwards. You and your guests will experience the feeling of being renewed when leaving the boat. You will strengthen your ties with your friends and family and prepare yourself for a long year.

If you want to experience such a holiday and add a new adventure to your life, you can contact Mirya Yachting, a luxury yacht charter Turkey agency, and create a plan immediately.

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Turkey Yacht Charter

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Mirya Yachting is specializing in private yacht charter tours. Our services are provided in the countries of Turkey and Greek Islands, Mediterranean Sea. We specialize in custom planning and organizing luxury yacht charter tours for your special holidays at sea with family and friends. We are member of TURSAB – Association of Turkish Travel Agencies as to be Mavi Gök Seyahat Acentesi – License No: 11615

  • Experienced Local Team
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  • Established Since 2013
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  • Tailored Itinerary
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  • Service Until The End of The Tour

Gulet Charter

Traditional design two or three-masted wooden sailing vessel from the southwestern coast of Turkey

Motor Yacht Charter

Fast, sleek, stable and secure are some of the qualities that make motor yacht hire in Turkey or Greece, and Croatia a choice.

Sailing Charter

When you rent a sailing yacht, you will experience the excitement of sailing and the comfort of the boat.

Exclusive Yachts

Top class services, top quality comfort, amazing food and beautiful bays and an exquisite holiday

Turkey Yacht Charter Destinations

Plan Your Itinerary

You can discover wonderful bays, ports, cities, nature by gulet charter in Southern Turkey.




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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

We are loving every minute. The crew is wonderful, the places they've taken us are beautiful and the food is scrumptious. We love this boat!

K Lucas

During the trip: "Hi Yasmin, we are having a fantastic trip. Everyone says it was the best holiday they have had!" --- After the trip: "Thank you Yasmin for arranging everything - we all had an amazing trip. Everyone was very happy and the crew were fantastic."

K.B. UKMehmet Bugra, Turkey

"We have had the most wonderful week on The Queen of Karia. The crew have been brilliant and the food excellent. All in all a very successful holiday and we are sad to leave the boat. "Best wishes,

J Smith

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