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Gulet Brokerage – If you are interested in either buying second hand or building a gulet, there are many options to consider to make it a profitable business investment for you. Depending on cost and purchase prices, a gulet investment could amortize itself with seasonal charters in a reasonable period of time with the right marketing and management.

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Gulet for sale Turkey

We do not list all gulets for sale Turkey, but rather offer most of them from our in-house database, based on your requirements. The status and condition of gulets change periodically. Therefore please inquire and we will do our utmost to present you with the most appropriate gulets that are for sale. We may require to investigate further – depending on what you are looking for in the gulet.

Interested in Gulets for Sale?

The popularity in chartering gulets in the Mediterranean, has spread as far as Greece, Croatia as well as other countries bordered by the beautiful waters of the seas. Turkish gulet builders have been constructing gulets, in the last few years for the purpose of chartering, due to demand. These charters have not just been in the turquoise and emerald seas of Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean sea, but also to charter in countries such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Mexico, and many others.

A wooden gulet takes anywhere from 1 – 2 years on average to be completed. They are made from various woods such as mahogany, teak and pine. The construction is mainly executed with expert carpentry and generations of expertise and various other technical experience.

Before gulets, were tirhandils. Fisherman used these boats for sponge fishing. Through time the industry and style of gulet evolved to the way they are built today. Travelers can find gulets that were built in the mid 80’s, still out at sea offering enjoyable blue cruise charter holidays. Of course, the more preferred have been newer gulets; with more space, better construction, modern facilities, updated technology and navigational equipment on board for pleasant journeys at sea.

Alternatively some investors interested in gulet chartering also purchase second hand gulets, refit or not refit, then commercially charter them to blue cruise travelers wishing to enjoy and explore the beauty of the Med.