Gulet Holidays: The Where’s How’s and What’s

Planning a Gulet Cruise

Another new season of gulets cruising the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean is ahead. So many places to see and things to do. You will find a plethora of breathtaking scenic treasures to explore, discover the luxury of pure bliss and pampering.  Let us not forget the ever-so-tasty Mediterranean cuisine from the Turkish kitchen – a total fulfillment – all fresh and waiting to be enjoyed at sea.

Your gulet holidays will offer you hundreds of unique wooden gulet boats to choose from. From the local crews anxious to serve you on luxury gulets to the highly trained crews with award-winning chefs on board the high-class sailing yachts.  A true dream holiday awaits. Planning takes time. However if you can follow an easy guide to get you and your group started, it may prove to be one of the most unforgettable blue cruise ever.


What Are My Choices in Gulets?

Each year new gulets are being built. Travelers will find more choices.  Gulet sizes start from 2 or 3 cabins and offer guest capacities up to 28. Standards of gulets range from the basic in Economic class, moving up to luxury gulets, then another notch to deluxe, further to ultra deluxe, and finally the cream of the crop – VIP gulets.

How Do I Choose A Private Gulet Holiday?

The composition of your cruise is based on a few basic facts. To find the most appropriate gulet starts with a total budget.  This will narrow down a selection, filtering boats that are near your price range. From that point, an additional shortlist is made up.  This is prepared based on the number of guests. Then planning continues with destinations you wish to see, and activities you are interested in doing.  Everything else after that is simply fine-tuning your gulet holiday with additional requirements.

What Destinations or Routes Are Available From Turkey?

While there are many destinations to visit along the Mediterranean shores of Turkey, harbors to embark from are located in Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, and Fethiye. From each harbor, there are various routes which are pre-planned. Alternatively, custom itineraries can be tailored based on your specific holiday requirements – if it is possible. While some guests can be excited about visiting many places, time, season, and the boat are factors in a planning a route. All standard private gulet cruises operate for one week. However, 2 weeks or longer is certainly possible as well.

What Places Can I Visit in the Greek Islands?

The most popular gulet charters in the Greek Islands are operated in the Upper and Lower Dodecanese Islands. Embarkation and disembarkations are from either Rhodes or Kos Islands.  For gulets leaving from Rhodes, the lower Dodecanese region is offered. If your gulet leaves from Kos Island harbor, then your cruise will travel in the Upper Dodecanese area. Again there are factors in planning an itinerary in the Greek Islands. Travelers can also visit the islands of Santorini and Mykonos in the Cyclades. The best way to determine what routes are possible is to discuss your holiday plans with your agent.

Can I Visit Both Greece and Turkey on a Gulet Holiday?

Yes, you certainly can! This combination offers you and your guests the opportunity to explore two countries and cultures in one week or longer period of time. There are a variety combinations for routing both Turkey and Greece in a single itinerary. The more common and preferred harbors in Southern Turkey for adding the Greece islands is either Bodrum or Marmaris. However, it is also possible to visit Greece if you are embarking from Gocek (this depends on budget, the gulet, time of year, weather conditions, and booking schedules).

Have you ever been on a gulet before? Then you might like to try out a different region for your next gulet holidays – and a different gulet too!  If you have never experienced a gulet cruise, perhaps it may be a good time to think about traveling by sea rather than only on land – Turkish style. Who knows, you may just enjoy it like hundreds of travelers who return year after year for another cruise! Afterall it is a holiday style!

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