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Greek Island Yacht Charter Destinations from the Colorful Harbor of Marmaris

With a mere few hours’ cruise guests can reach the interesting harbor of Rhodes from bustling port of Marmaris. From there the map can lead you further into the Dodecanese where you can visit the islands of Halki, further northwest to Tilos, Nisiros, and Symi. For a one week period, travelers can spend their first night in Marmaris and enjoy the delightful array of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops if they wish.

Boats, yachts, gulets line the Marmaris harbor promenade on one side and the restaurants and cafes run parallel on the other side

Should guests arrive early enough, a pleasant cruise away from the harbor to Cennet Island may also be quite pleasing as it is quite serene in that region of Marmaris bay.

Windsurfers at Cennet Island

After the first day of settling in, discussing the itinerary, travelers can be on their way for a wonderful blue cruise to the beautiful and interesting islands of Greece.

Nisyros island port Greece Symi island visit for your blue cruise in Turkey vacation Tilos island Greece Rhodes island Greece Motor yacht Barracuda Red Sea in Marmaris harbor

This seafaring journey can be experienced on board a luxury motor yacht charter.  Alternatively for classic gulet charters Turkey is a excellent place to start this traditional sailing holiday in the Aegean.

Kadir Kaptan gulet in the Old Town, Marmaris
Kadir Kaptan gulet in the Old Town, Marmaris


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