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Famous Gulet Landmarks in the Eastern Mediterranean of Turkey

The Bahriyeli gulets are probably the most famous of gulet fleets in Turkey. The family of owners operate these classic wooden vessels of blue cruise luxury from the base port of Marmaris. When moored at the harbor, the size and impressive appearance literally turn heads! Tourists stand in front and have their photos taken with the Bahriyeli gulets in the background.

Bahriyeli Gulet C in Marmaris harbor
Bahriyeli Gulet C in Marmaris harbor

As attractive as these gulets may be, they are also quite reasonably priced. While travelers may think that private gulet charters may be too much for the pocketbook, the Bahriyeli gulets offer conservative weekly rates – especially if you are a large group dividing the costs.  Travelers have 4 Bahriyeli gulets to choose from. The gulets range from 40 meters to 55 meters – length overall; and from 16, 20 and 24 passenger capacities. The oldest of this magnificent fleet was built in 2002, then another in 2003, the third in 2005 and the newest in 2008.

Bahriyeli Gulets in Marmaris harbor

These fine Bahriyeli boats of large proportions, charter weekly. They are also popular with 2 week and 3 or 4 week charters too – as they offer itineraries with long distances from Marmaris to Antalya return, Marmaris to Kusadasi return, Marmaris to North and South Dodecanese Islands return, in 2 week blue voyages.  The 3 or 4 week blue cruises are from Marmaris to Cyprus return and Marmaris to Canakkale (Gallipoli, Istanbul) return.  As such you won’t see these masterpiece vessels in the Marmaris harbor too often, if not at all during the season. The longer trips book up more often than the one week trips.  However, custom itineraries are also possible with these amazing boats.

The crew is family. Therefore you can expect to receive the best possible services on board. The boats are not high class luxury. They provide traditional, simple, clean, well maintained accommodation, fresh foods – local of course, and more than ample lounging areas to enjoy one of the most memorable blue voyages in Turkey.

Bahriyeli gulet arrival in Marmaris harbor. Passers by stop, stand, sit and watch as she comes in Bahriyeli A Gulet, one of the largest in the fleet, in May 2012 Masts of Bahriyeli gulets at sunset in Marmaris harbor


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