Discover Yacht Charters In Turkey With A Private Bike And Cruise In The Aegean

Take a one week vacation and explore the great outdoors in a different way. Discover yacht charters in Turkey with a private bike and cruise in the Turkish Aegean. It is a great trip full of rich history, culture, sights, scenery, pure paradise and so much more. This Aegean gulet charter holiday is one that might be great for the family too – but a group of friends will have just as much fun!

The Aegean bike and cruise holiday in Turkey begin on a Saturday and runs for a whole week long. It is a private gulet charter that is part of a blue cruise, combined with a bike trip to the Aegean Sea region. Travelers embark from the beautiful harbor of Bodrum where they will board their gulet and stay overnight until the start of the tour. The routes take you to breathtaking bays, ancient cities, various architectural ruins, and spectacular nature paths. Feature stops include Orak Island, Sedir Island, and the delightful town of Akbuk – to name a few. The biking is for 5 days while the whole gulet cruise is combined to last for one week.

So if you are looking for a unique, refreshing and healthy way to spend your holidays this season, explore the choices on a bike and cruise vacation in Turkey!

If you’re not keen to do a private gulet charter, then join our Cycle Gulet Cabin Charter Cruises instead!

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