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Why Didi?

There are many Turkish boats out there to choose from. Depending on your style and budget you will most likely find the one boat charter that not only fits the bill, but also quite acceptable with the rest of your group. Among the most popular of gulet rentals in Turkey, the Bodrum built gulet ‘Didi’ is an all-time favorite with blue cruise travelers. She may not be huge and extravagant or even cheap.  However Didi is one of those types of boats that seem to fit with a nice sized group of 8 between the 4 cabins available on board.

View yacht charters in Bodrum Turkey Didi gulet Bodrum Turkey

An overall design presents more a motorsailer – a sailing yacht than a traditional Turkish gulet. But the foundation is there to pass as a gulet. Exemplary services are offered by the crew of 4, along with high quality accommodation facilities and certainly the most important – very tasty Mediterranean cuisine. The Didi gulet is a medium price, yet high end class yacht charter in Turkey.

Didi gulet in Marmaris


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