Symi Island Yacht Charter

After the island of Rhodes, Symi is the second most visited Greek Island in the Dodecanese for luxury yacht charter in Greece and Turkey. There are many reasons why travelers choose to visit Symi. From the moment you and your guests approach the alluring harbor, it is a delightful scenery of hills filled with pastel colored Venetian sytle houses. A post card perfect capture. The harbor is lined with gulets, large yachts and small fishing boats, while adding more color to its exiting presence. It may be an idea to rent a scooter while visiting Symi to take a tour of this lovely island.

Travelers will find an assortment of shops, restaurants, tavernas, and historical sites to explore. You won’t find nearly any new construction in Symi. North of Rhodes and southwest from Turkey, Symi is 68 square km in size. The island is split up into various areas. Yialos is the main harbor of Symi. The upper town is Chorio which means ‘village’. The valley located below Chorio and south of Yialos is Pedi Bay. To the north of Yialos is the bay of Nimborious. Another small settlement is located at Marathounda where you will find a monastary complex in Panormitis.

Symi’s history dates back to the Trojan War in 1120 B.C. Other civilizations a part of Symi include the Dorians, the Romans, the Turks, and the Italians. Towards the bridge there is a replica of the Lindos ship with a war memorial. There is also a Nautical Museum located behind the town square.

The most attractive historical features of Symi are the churches. Travelers can see many old churches and monasteries. The church of Constantinos and Eleni, the Monastary of the Archangel Michael (the islands most favorite 450 A.D.) built by the Knights of St. John (14th century) on the site of an ancient temple to Apollo, and the Monastery of Sotiris Megalos with amazing views.  You might like to join in on a tour as by foot it can be difficult.  Symi Island is a great place to spend the day and a superb addition to your gulet cruise itinerary.

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