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Greek Islands Hopping
Greek Islands Hopping

Greek Islands Hopping – The ever-popular Greek Islands have been a favorite among holiday travelers for decades. Is it because of their alluring ancient Greek Mythology of the islands; or their unique cultural atmosphere and savory cuisine… There is a multitude of reasons to describe why the islands of Greece have attracted millions for many years.

For private blue voyage our standard Greek Islands Hopping itineraries include but not limited to:

  • Bodrum → Kos → Gyali → Nisiros → Symi → Rhodes → Bodrum
  • Bodrum → Kos → Loros → Patmos → Lipsi → Kalimnos → Bodrum
  • Bodrum → Kos → Nisiros → Tilos → Rhodes → Symi → Bodrum
  • Gocek → Rhodes → Kos → Symi → Bodrum
  • Kos → Leros → Patmos → Lipsi → Kalimnos → Kos
  • Marmaris → Datca → Symi → Rhodes → Marmaris
  • Marmaris → Rhodes → Symi → Bodrum
  • Marmaris → Rhodes → Symi → Datca → Marmaris
  • Rhodes → Symi → Nysiros → Kos → Tilos → Symi → Rhodes
  • Rhodes → Marmaris → Fethiye → Rhodes
  • Rhodes → Symi → Datca → Bozburun → Marmaris → Rhodes

We also offer Special Yacht Charters to the following Greek Island groups, Athens and Cyprus as not all yachts and gulets are equipped to travel open seas.

  • Please note that the prices listed for the yacht charters are not the same in cost for itineraries that include Cyprus, Athens, the North Aegean Greek Islands, Saronic GulfSporades, Cyclades, Cretian and the Ionian group of Greek Islands.
  • Please ask for final pricing when inquiring about these tailor-made yacht charter itineraries.  These itineraries are custom made according to the requirements of our guests, therefore, prices will vary according to the places of the anchor as the distances are further from our present yacht charter itineraries listed on our website.

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    Food and drinks are extra on top of the gulet/yacht rental price. Sometimes the menu can be quoted inclusive to the charter price.

    Yacht charters less than 5 days may not be possible during high season months from mid June - mid September due to booking schedules.

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