Aegean Island Hopping – The Aegean is a magical place boasting with all sorts of islands of many sizes and characteristics. It is particularly in the numerous islands in the Aegean sea where you will find such rich ancient history and ruins left behind from past civilizations.  As such we have two unique, carefully planned Aegean yacht charter itineraries to offer you.  They have both been thought out by our experts while keeping in mind our special guests who will cruise these beautiful waters on our amazing planet.  Both itineraries begin in the bustling and colorful seaside city of Bodrum, Turkey.  While one is a return trip, the other is a one way to the incredible city of the ancient Gods; Athens.

Aegean Island Hopping

We have no set day as per each destination as it is a route that you will be cruising based on the captain’s own discretion, the weather conditions and your interest in how long or how short you wish to stay in each harbor, bay or cove along the way. In essence, it is a very relaxed itinerary and flexible where it is possible.

Please ask for final pricing when inquiring about these tailor-made yacht charter itineraries.  The prices will vary according to the places of the anchor as the distances are further from our present yacht charter itineraries listed on our website. Gulets in the Ultra Deluxe and VIP categories may be equipped to travel these distances. There will also be a re-delivery fee as the yacht will have to return empty to its base port if ending in Athens. Please keep these notes in mind when inquiring about this itinerary and specify your budget.

Bodrum → Dodecanese → Cyclades → Bodrum

Itinerary: BodrumKos – Kalymnos – Patmos – MykonosSantorini – Kos – Bodrum

Embarkation:  3:00 pm -Saturday

Disembarkation: 10:00 am after breakfast – Saturday

Duration: 2 weeks

Recommended yacht(s):
Deluxe gulets | High Deluxe gulets

Bodrum → Dodecanese → Cyclades → Athens

Itinerary: Bodrum – Kos – Patmos – Mykonos – Andros – Karistos – Athens (with destinations in between)

Embarkation:  3:00 pm -Saturday

Disembarkation: 10:00 am after breakfast – Saturday

Duration: 2 weeks + re-delivery duration

Recommended yacht(s):
High Deluxe and VIP gulets

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