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Typical gulet cruises last for a week or more, and they often include stops at several ports and islands along the way. Depending on the itinerary, you have the opportunity to visit ancient ruins, swim in crystal-clear waters, or indulge in local cuisine. Many Gulet cruises also include activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking.

When it comes to Gulet cruise deals, they can vary greatly depending on the time of year, the length of the trip, and the amenities included. During the peak summer months, prices tend to be higher, while in shoulder season or early booking you can better prices.

Low Season : April 15 – May 30 /  October 1 – November 15
Mid Season: June 1 – June 15 / September 15 – September 30

Gulet holidays are a popular way to explore the picturesque coastline and islands of these regions, and they can be a great way to relax and unwind while experiencing the beauty of the sea. Some deals may include meals, drinks, and onboard activities, while others may be more bare-bones and allow you to customize your experience. It’s a good idea to shop around and compare deals from different companies to find one that fits your budget and your travel style.

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Lavinia Gulet

Cabins: 5
Guest Capacity: 10
Starting Price: €1.500 / Day

Junior Gulet

Cabins: 5
Guest Capacity: 10
Starting Price: €1.750 / Day

Pumkin Gulet

Cabins: 2
Guest Capacity: 4
Starting Price: €550 / Day

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra

Cabins: 8
Guest Capacity: 18
Starting Price: €3.750 / Day

Prenses Esila

Cabins: 6
Guest Capacity: 12
Starting Price: €2.000 / Day

Prenses Bugce

Cabins: 6
Guest Capacity: 12
Starting Price: €2.000 / Day

Popular Gulet Cruise Turkey Itineraries

      1. Bodrum to Greek Islands: This route takes you from the vibrant coastal town of Bodrum to the nearby Greek islands, such as Kos, Rhodes, and Symi. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to explore secluded bays and beaches, visit ancient ruins, and experience the local culture.
      2. Fethiye to Oludeniz: This route takes you from the charming town of Fethiye to the beautiful Oludeniz beach, which is known for its crystal-clear waters and panoramic views. Along the way, you’ll pass by the Blue Lagoon, an idyllic spot for swimming and snorkeling.
      3. Marmaris to Gocek: This route takes you from the lively coastal town of Marmaris to the charming village of Gocek, passing by secluded bays and beaches, such as the Turunc Bay and the Bedri Rahmi Bay. Along the way, you can also visit the ancient city of Loryma.

Most Popular Itinerary Marmaris – Gulf of Hisaronu

Marmaris – Gulf of Hisaronu: Marmaris is a popular tourist destination located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. The region around Marmaris is home to many charming villages that are perfect for exploring by boat. Some popular villages to visit by boat include:
Turunc: Located just a short boat ride from Marmaris, Turunc is a small fishing village with a charming harbor, great restaurants, and lovely beaches.
Icmeler: This is another village that is easily accessible by boat from Marmaris. It is known for its beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere.
Orhaniye: This picturesque village is located on the outskirts of Marmaris and is known for its traditional architecture and tranquil atmosphere. It is also the perfect spot for a swim and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters.
Selimiye: This is a small village located on the coast, which is not that much touristy, you can find locals to hang around and get a taste of local life, with beautiful beaches and a variety of seafood restaurants.
Datça: This is located a bit farther from Marmaris, it’s a real hidden gem, especially if you like sailing, the village is known for being the starting point for the Aegean and Mediterranean sailing routes.


These are just a few of the many villages that you can visit by boat from Marmaris. There are also several boat tour operators in Marmaris that offer daily trips to these and other villages in the region. Some of them also includes meal, drinks and they also stop by some bays for swimming, snorkeling, etc.
It’s definitely a must-do activity if you’re visiting Marmaris, to take a boat tour and explore the charming villages of the coast.


Milas-Bodrum Airport is located in the Milas district of the Mugla province in southwestern Turkey. It is situated about 31 miles (50 km) northeast of the city of Bodrum and about 13 miles (21 km) southwest of the town of Milas. The airport serves as a hub for SunExpress and Onur Air, and handles flights to destinations within Turkey as well as several international destinations in Europe and the Middle East. The airport has a single terminal building that handles both domestic and international flights. Milas is only 40 minutes drive away to Bodrum port.

Dalaman Airport (DLM) is an international airport located in the Dalaman district of the Mugla province in southwestern Turkey, serving the nearby towns and cities such as Marmaris, Fethiye and Oludeniz. It is situated about 28 miles (45 km) east of Marmaris and about 35 miles (56 km) south of Fethiye. The airport handles flights to destinations across Turkey as well as several international destinations in Europe and the Middle East. It is a major tourist destination for those looking to visit the southern coastline of Turkey and nearby Greek islands.

The airport has a single terminal building that handles both domestic and international flights. Amenities at the airport include a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as ATMs, currency exchange and car rental services. There are several public transportation options, such as shuttle buses, taxis, and car rentals available to reach your destination.

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