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Charter Gulets, The Beach and Marmaris Today (3 April 2014)

Well it’s almost time to start the season for the famous gulet charters. Today was a sure sign that it’s nearing at the Marmaris harbor. Gulets are slowly but surely coming out of hibernation and maintenance from the winter and getting “all dolled-up” for another wonderful Spring and Summer of beautiful memories at sea. As usual we decided to check things out and see who’s out and what’s going on around the Marmaris waterfront area today. We took 115 photos. It was hard to decide which ones to place in this blog, so we filtered out the ones that we thought were pleasant to share with you online.

The beach was beginning to see the start of sunseekers – soaking up some Spring vitamin E while gazing out to the beautiful open bay in Marmaris. It was proof that there was certainly enough sun for tan and time to change the seasons in our closets.

Marmaris beach, April 3rd 2014

The promenade was too, filled with casual strollers as well as the visitors from the cruiseship – already in their shorts and t-shirts (we’re still wearing long-sleeves 🙂 .

Marmaris Old Town promenade, April 3, 2014 Aida cruiseship in Marmaris harbor. A Candan gulet charter to the right of the photo. (April 3, 2014) Marmaris harbor, castle and Aida cruiseship

Further over towards the more residential area along the promenade again more people walking about and those just who placed themselves on a bench to enjoy the fantastic scenery and warmth from the almost-too-hot-sun.

Marmaris promenade by the beach, April 3, 2014

Then there were the gulets. How wonderful to see these boats again in the water as the crews are getting ready for another season of splendid gulet charters in Turkey.  The gulets we spotted today was the lovely gulet Clarissa – all out in the bay.

Deluxe gulet charter, 8 person Clarissa – April 3 ,2014

Moored at the waterfront were: the 16 person A. Candan gulet (very popular charter and always booked up); the new 2012 build 12 person, quality luxury gulet Remzi Yilmaz (a favorite with guests since her launch), and the charming Carpe Diem 1 gulet.

35 meter, 16 person, beautiful A. Candan gulet charter in Marmaris – April 3, 2014 28 meter, 8 person Carpe Diem 1 gulet in Marmaris – April 3, 2014 12 person, 2012 build, Remzi Yilmaz gulet – April 3, 2014

Well that sums up our morning today on April 3rd, 2014. We hope you enjoyed the photos. It’s always nice to see ‘real’ unedited photos of gulets that are chartered by visitors to Turkey isn’t it? Also feel free to follow us online through anyone of our social media pages – active quite frequently during the year.



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