Discover a Historical Turkish Blue Voyage

Traveling to Turkey? Looking to visit some of the most incredible sites in the world?  Feast your thoughts on a rare itinerary that is not often presented to travelers dreaming of an impressive private blue cruise along the deep blue Aegean shores of Turkey to the Marmara Sea. This journey is 2 wonderful weeks long.  Why not combine this holiday cruise at the start or after the end of your land travels in ancient Anatolia.

One way to integrate your travels in Turkey is to start from Istanbul with a land tour and work your way to Bodrum; or in reverse where your Aegean blue cruise holiday can begin from Bodrum harbor and end in Istanbul.  Then, you and your group could continue with your land excursions in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey.

2 Week Route 

Some of the Coastal Places that might be Visited

Bodrum, Gulluk, Didyma, Kusadasi, Cesme, Foca, Dikili, Ayvalik, Burhaniye, Akcay, Bozcaada, Gokceada, Canakkale Strait, Gallipoli (Dardanalles), Avsa Island (Marmaris Sea), Marmara Island, along the Bosphorus to Istinye.

There are few things to keep in mind with this route. It is a very desirable route, but as you are heading upwards to the Northern Aegean, the sea conditions are different from the Mediterranean. The waters are cooler and may be a bit rougher. As such this trip in travel time fort he guests is minimum 2 weeks long. 

Additionally there is the re-delivery of the boat back to Bodrum. While some gulet owners charge an extra week for their empty return, others simply charge for the diesel cost. Therefore in total, the boat is reserved for 3 weeks.  Gulet bookings revolve on Saturdays (start and finish). If the boat leaves Istanbul to head back to Bodrum, it needs time to get back in time for the following booking which starts on a Saturday – which during this time loses that possible one week booking just to get  back to Bodrum for the next tour; hence the possible charge for the 3rd week.

The destinations can be pre-established and re-evaluated during your travels depending on time, sea and weather conditions.  The in-between stops for land excursions to historical sites also have to be taken into consideration with respect to the usage of time.  You may stay in one place for 2 days and then move onto the next destination. 

There are Greek Islands along this route which you do have the option of visiting. The Greek Island harbor fees and taxes, plus customs fees are extra costs. How much these are cannot be determined exactly and only known once you arrive at any one particular island. 

As this is a long journey, a gulet no less than 30 meters is highly advisable – and that is minimum. More ideally, gulets from 32 meters and up are not only more comfortable, but also sturdier for such sea travels – especially in the Northern Aegean sea.  To save time, a motor yacht may be considered for this route, since they are faster than gulets.

Included in Boat Charter Price :

  • Yacht insurance • Fuel up to 4 hours per day (engine and generator) • Cooking gas • Use of air conditioners • Turkish transit log, mooring expenses, harbor taxes in Turkish Waters • Accommodation on Board • Daily cabin and bathroom cleaning • Bed linen and towels • Yacht Laundry • Welcome cocktail & Afternoon tea break • Use of equipment on board • 24 hours crew service

Not Included in Boat Charter Price:

  • Private marina fees are NOT included. Please keep notice when moored in certain areas for this or check with your captain beforehand.
  • Harbor taxes and mooring fees in Greek waters • Airport transfers • Meals, soft drinks, bottled water, alcoholic beverages • Land excursions • Insurance does not cover your own personal travel and cancellation insurance.
  • Greek waters entrance fees and Greek islands harbor fees will be paid to the captain on board if cruising around Greek islands.
  • Crew Gratuity is extra and usually 5-10 % of the Charter Fee – and left up to the discretion of the clients

Additional Information About the Bodrum to Istanbul Private Gulet Cruise

  • Airport to fly to: Milas
  • Embarkation: 15:00 hours from Bodrum harbor
  • Disembarkation: 10:30 – 11:00 hours in Istinye, Istanbul
  • Not available during high season months: mid June, July August, September.
  • A personal tour guide can be hired for an added cost on a per day basis or full 2 weeks. This may be ideal for excursions on land to tell you about all the dozens of historical sites along the way.
  • For charter rates please ask to us
  • This is a private blue cruise charter holiday – and not a cabin charter shared cruise. Whether your group is 2 or more, the price of the charter remains the same. The only difference in price may be the cost of the menu which is calculated based on the number of passengers on the boat.
  • There is no age limitation.
  • The sea temperatures in the Southern Aegean are much warmer than the Northern Aegean. The waters may be colder once you pass Cesme.
  • All land excursions are optional and an extra fee is payable to the providers. Your crew will assist you in booking a land excursion from whichever port you are in.
  • Changes to the itinerary to visit the neighboring Greek Islands along the way, must be mutually agreed by your group and the captain. There are extra Greek Island harbor taxes and fees applicable. Greek Island visits for passenger counts above 12 is not possible due to the legality of insurance – which is a maximum of 12.
  • This itinerary is a general guide and may vary according to client’s requirements.
  • The route may also change based on weather conditions, at the discretion of the Captain.

Interested in a Bodrum to Istanbul private blue cruise holiday?  Please contact us for more details and information, along with any questions that you wish to ask regarding this beautiful and exciting private blue voyage.

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