Blue Cruises in Turkey and Ottoman Houses of Akyaka

What defines blue cruises in Turkey are the treasure chest of destinations that line the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Not only this, but it also is made up of the beautiful and distinguished boat charters called gulets, and also just as special are the blue cruise meals enjoyed at sea – completing the whole journey. However every one of these blue cruises; although include the same ingredients, each comprise of different mixtures in Turkish gulet rentals. This range includes and is not limited to, the gulets, the destinations and of course the special guests on board.

Gulet cruises in Turkey – Mare Nostrum luxury gulet and kayaking

One of the all time favorite itineraries starts from the exciting harbor of Bodrum, situated in the Gulf of Gokova. The Gokova gulf boasts an array of amazing scenery, hidden coves and peaceful bays all stretched along the whole coastline. While enroute, you might favor to visit some ancient ruins and little fishing villages, adding more character to your travels in Turkey.

Blue cruises in Turkey – partial views of the Gulf of Gokova with the town of Akyaka below

As much as each and every destination visited in this region, one anchorage point that might spice up your exploration is the charming town of Akyaka. Akyaka is known for its amazing views from atop. Once you are in this small town, you will notice something that isn’t quite often seen in along the coast. The traditional Ottoman houses, otherwise known as Mugla houses – after the province of Mugla – which is where Akyaka is located. There is no other type of architectural style allowed in this town, which preserves its uniqueness about the region.

Views from one of the hills in the Akyaka region Traditional Akyaka house design – © Turkey’s for Life Akyaka Culture and Art House Ottoman architecture in the Mugla houses as seen in the wood handcrafted shutters, balconies, doors and roof
Handcrafted wooden doors designed as a part of the garden walls
Handcrafted wooden doors designed as a part of the garden walls

There is a great deal of history in the Akyaka region and was once known as the Carian city of Idyma. For additonal references, visit :,_Mugla

Gulet blue cruises to Akyaka in the Gulf of Gokova – Turkey

The women of Akyaka preparing ‘Gozleme’ over a wooden fire on a cast iron plate


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