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Blue Cruise Yacht Charter Season Opens for 2013

The 2013 blue cruise yacht charter season has now opened.  The deep blue waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas have started see the unique traffic of Turkish wooden boats, sailing with their special guests on trips of discovery and leisure.  Travelers who have booked as far back in advance as the previous year right up to-date, are now on course to enjoy their holidays at sea on board classic gulets.  From the small older more traditional ones to the massive sailing yachts, reaching lengths of up to 50 meters plus, are once again decorating the waters of the Turkish and Greek Island coastlines.

Each of the popular harbors, namely Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye and Gocek are filling up with gulet sailboats.  With hundreds of these unique vessels, that have just come out of hibernation and maintenance, are once again available to serve, entertain and pamper travelers from around the globe.

However the season is not only opening with the first of gulet cruises in Turkey; up next for the celebration of a new start to the season is the Marmaris Yacht Charter Show.  The exhibition of many different types of vessels from many base ports will be displayed along the Marmaris harbor front for visitors to see. The show will run from May 12th to the 16th.  Yacht brokers, agents and holidaymakers will have the opportunity to see first hand these magnificent yachts and meet the crews.

As it is like each year, professionals from the industry are looking forward to another exciting and busy season ahead with new and returning luxury yacht charter Turkey holiday travelers.  For all those interested, many are anxious to explore, relax and enjoy the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey and Greece for the first time, or once again.

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