Blue Cruise Turkey is Rising Star in Europe

Social media, cinema, fashion industry and tv shows are very strong demands on what we like and live for. Because the show became very strong effect in tourism industry since 2014 and imagine they still have upcoming fantastic final for upcoming season. This is another proof how trends rule our lives.

Another good news for Egypt because things gets better for them too. Egypt tourism industry caught very good opportunity to get back it’s good old days.

#datca Turkey
#datca Turkey

People all around the world want to travel more than ever. According to latest data updates by the United Nations World Tourism Organization says that international tourist arrivals raised up 6% in 2018 which is 1.4 billion people in total. Imagine almost 30% of world travelled last year.

Only in Europe 713 million international tourist arrivals registered. Southern and Mediterranean Europe are growth and became competitor as the top tourism destinations in the world.

Turkey is listed as in the Top 5 countries by number of tourists in Europe last year.  Then let’s take a close look for Europe.  Turkey has 18 UNESCO world heritage sites many have compared the coastal part of Spain with tropical islands. According to latest news sources Trendy Top 3 – Most desired places to be for summer 2019:

  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Croatia

How about Aegean coasts which you are more into it? Because no matter what nothing will make you feel as free as a bird. Yacht holiday is guaranteed recipe for excellent memories of lifetime. Turkey costs are tourist magnets for upcoming season.

Paragliding off Mt. Babadag in Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey
Paragliding off Mt. Babadag in Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey

The country is first runner up with amazingly wide selection of her unique natural habitat. Especially if we talk about blue cruise experience it is really hard to make choice between all those alternatives in Aegean.

There are experts on this for sure, you can visit web site for more details. First thing, do you prefer party and fun or just seat back, relax and feel tranquillity?
Are you travelling with family or just individual traveller?
Do you keep strict wellness program even on your vacation or you are easy going on holiday?
Are you willing to experience new flavours, hidden beauties?

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