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Blue Cruise Memories

For those who choose to go on holidays, there is always a reason why. It could be that it’s planned to mix business with pleasure; an urgent need for a get-a-way from life’s built up stress – a rejuvenating period for the body and mind; a family reunion or other special occasion such as quality time with loved ones; or all of the above. Each time you go on vacation, you look forward to it, have high hopes and expectations that it will be the remedy you needed. One such holiday style that brings with it an adventure – mild or high; unique and new; are private blue cruises.

Blue cruises have been around for decades. Centralized around the European Mediterranean, inclusive of various other neighboring seas. It’s the alternate vacation style for travelers seeking something different to do on their time away from home and work. A new culture explore. A discovery of knowledge and pleasure. For the most part, blue cruises have been recognized with floating accommodations called gulets. Gulets are wooden sailing boats with tall masts, with a slight resemblance of a schooner, but Turkish style – a revised and upgraded version of the caicco.

Where your blue cruise travels can take you is up to you. This seafaring journey is what will make up your blue cruise memories. Fresh seafood dishes, exquisite to simply made Mediterranean cuisine – prepared daily, good company, great crew, amazing sunrises, and unforgettable sunsets, turquoise and emerald waters, sandy beaches, lush green hills, ancient cities, archaeological ruins, local cultures, and more, make up a few of the ingredients in a gulet cruise holiday.

Destinations start from the Aegean of Bodrum and go as far to the Eastern Mediterranean and further south to the many Greek Islands. You can also explore the hundreds of islands in the Adriatic sea and explore the magical historical places and magnificent waters along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

Have you been on a blue cruise holiday before? What were your memories like?

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