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Amazing Dog Jack Saves Yacht and Owners in Bodrum Storm

From the major southwest winds in the seaside city of Bodrum, Turkey, an English couple’s yacht was struck by waves. A life and death situation, their dog, Jack, helped in saving the yacht and their lives.  The nightmare took place during the morning hours, yesterday from the heavy winds that started from the previous day.  The rope from the boat was tied while in the Yalikavak peninsula – broke. Their dog, a Jack Russell, trained for rescue, jumped off the boat and swam ashore with the rope clenched in his mouth, and wrapped the rope around a nearby tree, saving the boat from wandering further out to sea.

Winds as high as 70 km per hour made the whole rescue task even harder for the couple and Jack. During these moments the English couple living in panic and fear, tried to save their yacht “Drake’s Drum” from seeing any further damage.

Their yacht was 150 meters from the shore, began to drift uncontrollably from the forceful winds. The 64-year old Kin Watson and his wife 62-year-old Mary Watson fought to save their yacht and their lives.  When Mary Watson realized that there was no controlling their 250 thousand dollar yacht, she jumped into the water, struggling against harsh waves, finally made it to shore safely.

Viewers watching the whole scene were amazed at Jack. His bravely and smarts helped the British couple during this nightmare at sea.  Their dog has been trained in tying rope and rescue and lives on their yacht with them.  During the whole scenario, DHA reporters happened to be near the scene took photos, second by second of the whole incident of how the British couple and dog fought for their lives.

Source: Yaşar ANTER/BODRUM (Muğla), (DHA)

For source story and photos visit: http://fotogaleri.hurriyet.com.tr/galeridetay.aspx?cid=63279&rid=2&p=1



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