Among the many features of the Esma Sultan gulet which make her a true jewel for exclusive yacht charters in style, she is a very multi-purpose yacht.

The Esma Sultan provides a wide assortment of advantages for guests. Whether you have a large group for a yoga cruise, seeking spacious, pure high end service and standards for your family holidays at sea; or require the space, top level professional crew services and audio-visual facilities on a super-sized yacht; the Esma Sultan is sure to accommodate your charter style in more ways than one.

Esma Sultan Gulet
Esma Sultan Gulet

Aft Deck

When you step on board the exquisite Esma Sultan gulet, you will be greeted by a wide and spacious aft deck where in the centre is a massive square shaped table. Compared to that of other gulets, where the aft dining areas offer a long table, the square shape of the table on board the Esma Sultan makes for a more ideal, closer socializing environment. You have the possibility of chatting with everyone at every side. With long tables it is difficult to chat with the person at the other end of the table – due to the distance and length.

Esma Sultan aft deck
Esma Sultan aft deck

Aft Salon

At first glance, the yacht offers the impression of a luxurious motor yacht. The passage from the aft dining area into the first salon is complimented with tasteful contemporary design. Simple and elegant. The first salon (aft salon) is also an excellent area of the yacht for family gatherings, meetings, for delightful audio/visual entertainment. There is a short bar on the port side for easy service to guests.

Esma Sultan yacht aft salon
Esma Sultan yacht aft salon

Forward Salon

As you continue through the doorway on the starboard side from the first salon, after 2 meter steps into the second salon (forward salon). This area of the Esma Sultan presents an altogether different concept in both relaxation, comfort and practicality. The port side is a 14-16 person dining or meeting table with modern design in a light cream color scheme. Across from the dining / meeting table guests can enjoy the lounging comforts of a semi-circular seating area. Both salons provide audio / visual entertainment inclusive of a large sized Plasma TV.

Esma Sultan yacht forward salon
Esma Sultan yacht forward salon

Forward Deck

There is a doorway on the starboard side which exits to the forward deck area. It is a very spacious part of the yacht and offers additional alfresco dining, further up, sunning mats and then the fly bridge. The fore deck offers a capacity of p to 40 passengers for activities such as yoga or similar. The upper sunning area also adds to this space and being elevated from the fore deck area, it is suitable for any sort of fitness activities.  There are also 2 jacuzzis (new 2015 feature).

Esma Sultan yacht forward deck
Esma Sultan yacht forward deck

Meeting & Dining Areas

Meetings on board the Esma Sultan yacht are very suitable due to the yachts brilliant layout. Corporate meetings can take place in the aft salon, the forward salon, the aft dining table as well as the fore deck dining table. As an added bonus, there is also the dining area on the fly bridge.  All in all there are 4 alfresco dining areas which can also be used for meetings and 5 meeting areas which can be utilized on this magnificent yacht.

Fly Bridge

This upper region of the yacht is probably the most favored by guests overall. It is an altogether ultimate relaxation and entertainment area that offers a large aft side cushions both shaded and un-shaded, alfresco dining, and of course, 360° panoramic views of breathtaking natural scenery. The dining or meeting tables have been purposely built and designed for easy service and also comfortable social discussions by guests, among each other. This part of the fly bridge can also be shaded if requested.

Esma Sultan gulet master cabin
Esma Sultan gulet master cabin

Cabin Accommodation

The cabin areas in the lower part of the yacht are divided into two parts with advantageously separate access. The stern includes a vary spacious aft master with a private jacuzzi, as well as 2 triple cabins. On the forward side there are 4 more cabins inclusive of 4 double cabins. The cabins on the port and starboard allow access to the beds from three sides. Each cabin is equipped with marine air conditioning and good-sized en suites with enclosed showers and wc.

Handicap / Wheelchair Access

The Esma Sultan has one other advantage. From the on board boat ramp, wheelchair access is easily available. The boat ramp has been constructed to allow the perfect width for guests in wheelchairs, followed by a ramp which allows the guest to come on board to the aft deck area. Both the port and starboard sides are also designed with the appropriate width for wheelchair access.

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