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5 Reasons For Families to Hire a Luxury Gulet Charter

Here you will find 5 good reasons why families should choose to hire a luxury gulet charter for their next vacation get-a-way.

Seeing a new destination everyday. Why stay stationary in a hotel when you can hire a luxury gulet charter in Turkey and visit a new destination each day? Holidays are about traveling and seeing new places or revisiting regions you have enjoyed before. When it comes to Turkey, the southern coast offers something for everyone. From archaeological sites and underwater ruins, to exciting night life entertainment, shopping and local culture sites.

Yacht charter Turkey holiday destinations

Water Toys Galore. What’s a day out at sea without water toys. With hotel swimming pools, water toys are limited. When you’re at sea, that selection increases and you can have fun with all there is possible to play with or on, in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. From floating toys to wind and motor powered ones, the options are there. There is also parasailing and paragliding, kite surfing and windsurfing too! Wow what choices! A big bay, plenty of area, and on your own time. If the gulet charter you hire offers a good selection of water toys, …bonus! While the fuel might be extra, the use of these toys are generally included in the charter rate. That means, no one is timing you and charging you by the minute or hour.  If some toys aren’t available, there are always water sports providers to top your choices with fun times in the water!  Some toys might not be for all ages, so age-appropriate toys may be supplied by your agent or boat owner.

Water sports activities in Icemeler during your yacht holidays

Keeping Better Tabs on Children. When you’re travelling on a boat, minding the little ones or keeping tabs on who’s doing what and where is easier than trying to keep the kids in one area on a big resort. Some gulets have nets in between the side rails for safety as well.

Sleeping Outdoors.  While guests have the option of cabins with air conditioning and private bathrooms, many prefer to sleep outdoors – camping on water! It’s fun for the kids as they can watch  the shinning stars at night. If you have a mobile device such as an ipad, there are applications that can be downloaded to see which stars are around you where you are moored. One app tells you to hold your ipad to the sky and it positions you based on the gps to show the stars above you and around.

Great family gulet charter Captain Deniz in Hisaronu Toska Gulet forward deck view

No scheduled mealtimes. Unless you prefer to eat at certain hours of the day, there are no exactly set meal times with many Turkish gulet charters. And if you miss a meal, say one of the children fell asleep while everyone was eating, the crew is at your service 24/7, they would be happy to make something for the little one when he/she woke up.

Mealtimes during a private blue cruise holiday

The boat is yours for that week. Except for the standard boat charter rules on board, it is a carefree, easy going style of holiday time, great for not only parents but also the children to relieve some stress and get it all out.  So what do you think of a holiday plan like this for your next vacation? 🙂

A family holiday on board a gulet with fresh foods, fresh air and plenty of sun, sea and sites; without the pool hours, line-ups and dress-code!



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