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4 Cabin Boats in Turkey

From the charter boats based in Turkey, below you will find 4 cabin gulet charters and some sailing yachts.  These yachts range in the length and overall size. Usually each boat will provide no more than a 3 to 5 or 6 person crew, in luxury, deluxe, or high class standards. Each cabin will include air conditioning, and private bathrooms in each cabin. Some may have entertainment such as SAT TV, DVD/CD players, and other amenities present in each cabin.



3,500€/Day (Starting at)

Silver Moon Yacht

Silver Moon

Bodrum, Turkey

Cabins: 4Guests: 9Mt.: 36

Gulets Turkey

1 month ago



23,100€/week (Starting at)

Miss B yacht

Miss B Yacht

Bodrum, Turkey

Cabins: 4Guests: 8Mt.: 28

Motorsailer, Sailing Yacht, Turkey, Turkey

5 years ago

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