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3 Top Gulet Charter Choices for 2014

How can the best gulet charter choices be determined for 2014? Could it be based on popularity, overall feedback, quality for less concept, the reputation the gulet has made in the industry or another reason? It’s a big question with a very debatable answer. The possible route to take might be is to follow the guidance of a professional.  Another possibility – reviews of boat charters and crews. However testimonials vary in the good and the bad. While one group of clients could rave about a gulet and its crew; another group of guests could think otherwise. Not one gulet cruise holiday will be the same as the next, even on the same boat, blue cruises are a customized holiday styles.  Whichever way you decide to make your choice, the final say is in your hands. Ask a lot of questions, do a bit of searching; and in the end you may just find the right boat for you and your group to enjoy.

Views from the Bozburun peninsula

A few good gulet charters to get you started, are listed below. Each boat has had positive feedback and offers good services, if not exceptional, by the crews on board.

For instance, Mezcal 2 gulet; she has been an in-demand gulet since the day of launch in 2012.  The Mezcal 2 is the predecessor of the original gulet Mezcal, which later changed her base port to La Paz, Mexico. Yes, you can charter a Turkish gulet in Mexico now. 🙂 The crew generated a good reputation on the Mezcal. Now that same crew is on board the new Mezcal 2. Therefore you can feel confident that with Captain Abdullah and his crew from Mezcal, you and your guests will be taken care of very well. In addition to the luxurious accommodation design and layout, the Mezcal 2 gulet provides plenty of water toys on board to enjoy a gulet cruise in the Mediterranean sea.

Mezcal 2 gulet charter

A brand name in gulet tourism in Southern Turkey, the high quality Bodrum built, 2 yacht fleet of Casa Dell Arte is no doubt one of the most unique gulet concepts in the Aegean. The interior of these yachts are decorated with exquisite art work – hence the name. Expect nothing but the best in first class services all around; both on board the deluxe 28 mt. deluxe gulet Casa Dell Arte and the 35 mt. VIP gulet Casa Dell Arte 2. Exceptional reviews from clients, the Casa Dell Arte duo are good choices to add on to your list of blue cruise charter candidates.

Casa Del Arte II luxury yacht from Bodrum, Turkey

Leading in the affordable price range for good quality gulet charters is the Remzi Yilmaz gulet. Spacious all throughout and on deck, she was launched in 2012.  She has since experienced two very good seasons of blue cruise charters. There is nothing fancy about this gulet – just great food, great services and plenty of room to enjoy a luxury dream holiday at sea. Based in Marmaris, this 6 cabin gulet can accommodate up to 12 guests in fully air conditioned and well designed cabins with good sized en suites.

Remzi Yilmaz luxury Turkish gulet

There are many more Turkish born yachts available for luxury blue cruise travels. Find out more with a quick inquiry.



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