3 Top Choice Blue Cruise Yacht Charters From Southern Turkey

Both the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea regions are magical places. They offer over 300 days of pure sunshine, blue skies and crystal  waters in the many shades of blue and turquoise, along with many more treats, to present one of the best holidays ever. The region boasts a wide variety of islands to suit any style.

Charming island of Mikonos in the Cyclades

From the travelers who adore the compounds of lush nature to the ones who can dine and dance the night away; there are islands and coastal destinations for everyone. As many blue cruise yacht charters begin from the shores of Southern Turkey, holidaymakers can choose from an array of beautiful harbors to embark from. However, occasionally where you can embark from may only be determined by the gulet charter you select for your blue cruise Turkey holiday – particularly during peak season.

Blue cruise Turkey holiday pleasures – Kadir Kaptan gulet

There are many yachts charters in Turkey for various types of travelers; among these beautiful luxury boat charters 3 top choices for the new season – ideal for families and group yacht charter travelers with friends, are the distinguished Nurten A gulet, the aristocratic Mare Nostrum and the alluring Kadir Kaptan. These three dream vessels are from the same family fleet. Each exquisitely designed to offer you and your group one of the most enchanting blue cruises from the ancient shores of Turkey.

Marmaris blue cruise holidays – The Old Town

The Marmaris and Bodrum itineraries are also a top choice for embarking on a yacht holiday in Turkey; since the Greek Islands are quite close. Trips to the Dodecanes, such as Rhodes, Symi and Kos islands; and the Cyclades where you can visit world famous picturesque islands of Santorini and Mikonos, make for a culturally diverse gulet cruising experience. Children like it too. It offers them not only exciting moments at sea, but also excellent educational material to share when they go back to school.

Blue cruise yacht charter to the Island of Rhodes Greece from Turkey

One such beautiful gulet that can offer plenty of luxuries in Turkish gulet cruises is the distinguished Nurten A gulet. She comprises of 6 well designed cabins with light wood finishing and classic decor. The Nurten A gulet resides in the colorful harbor city of Marmaris. On deck, guests can enjoy a crescent seating area with large sized cushions in the shaded aftdeck. The foredeck offers again a lovely crescent shaped seating area with table and cushions, ideal for lounging about and relaxing. The actual on deck alfresco dining is situated in between the two coach houses.  For those who wish to soak in some tropical sun, the top cabin area guests will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views as well as complete privacy.

Gulet cruises on board the gulet Nurten A

A sister gulet to the Nurten A is the superb Kaptan Kadir Turkish yacht. Slightly larger in size at 36 meters in length, she offers 6 magnificent cabins, fully equipped with all the luxuries one can ask for. With her experienced, friendly and professional crew of 6, you can expect to be pampered throughout your journey at sea with high standard services and hospitality. This magnificent Turkish gulet features a luxurious jacuzzi situated on the forward deck. Can you imagine the views while you soak up the sun, sea air and scenery after good swim in this setting? Her charter rate include a deluxe menu with soft drinks and local alcohol. For couples only yacht charters, the Kaptan Kadir gulet offers 5 master cabins; plus the one twin cabin.

Soaking in the sun during your yacht charter holidays on board the Kadir Kaptan high class gulet

The Mare Nostrum gulet is one that reminisces an aristocratic appeal in her overall design and decor. Remarkable in her classic high end design, and a gulet sailing yacht branded by her name, the Mare Nostrum can only be truly described with a blue cruise experience. Also based in Marmaris, the largest in her fleet and boasting 42 meters in length, she offers 2 master cabins, 2 double and 2 twin cabins for guests to choose from, for their first class accommodation at sea. Again this fine masterpiece in Turkish yacht charters, is the top of the line in this gulet trio and also features a beautiful jacuzzi tub forward.

Blue cruise yacht charter in Turkey on board Mare Nostrum gulet
Blue cruise yacht charter in Turkey on board Mare Nostrum gulet

A trio of pure elegance and grace – which one would you choose for your yacht holidays in Turkey?

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