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3 Castle Views : Explore History On A Yacht Charter Turkey Vacation

What better way to learn about the history of another country than by visiting the places that have left history for us to explore. Turkey is one of those particular countries, offering rich history and the cultures that go along with it. It’s one thing to read about it, but another to actually visit the site where many different civilizations once ruled. Why not take a blue cruise in Turkey and see it all during your travels.

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During your yacht charter Turkey vacation, you won’t be left disappointed in the selection of historical sites to see. From a variety of different itineraries you can discover many different architectural ruins – castles from the past as well as towers and fortresses.

Marmaris for instance offers a magnificent view of the harbor from the Marmaris castle that was believed to be built by the Ionians in 1044 B.C., then later repaired during the Alexander the Great period. Suleyman the Magnificent during his campaign for the Greek island of Rhodes in 1522, further extended and restored the castle. It was not until the 90’s when the castle was fully restored and is now a lovely museum with a colorful courtyard.

Another castle to visit in Southern Turkey with incredible views as well is the St. Peter’s castle in Bodrum. It was built by the Knights Hospitaller. The construction of the castle began in 1402 under the supervison of German knight, architect Heinrich Schlegelholt. It was ruled by many until 1921 when Ataturk, the founder of the Turkisk Republic came to power. Today it is a lovely historical site to visit and great experience.

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Kalekoy is located in the town of Kekova in the Antalya region between Kas and Kale. There lies the ancient city of Simena but also a famous castle; hence the name Kalekoy – “Castle’s village” in Turkish; and ancient Lycian: Simena. The castle was built in the Middle Ages to fight off the pirates and contains a small theatre. Definitely is a place to visit on your yacht charter in Turkey.



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