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When Is The Best Time to Charter A Yacht Or Gulet In the Mediterranean

Upon making the decision to charter a yacht or traditional gulet type of boat charter, allocating the time from your daily life for a vacation is the next step. If you have the freedom in dates of travel, then really this type of holiday style can be experienced just about any time of the year. In order the plan such a holiday, think about the kinds of places you wish to see, and the types of activities you desire to do.

When you’re particularly in the Mediterranean there are choices to keep everyone on board – happy. Should you wish not to do anything at all except relax, unwind and leave all your thoughts of daily life behind – this of course is a great pass time as well! After all you are on vacation and do not need to exhaust yourself so that you return home all refreshed and ready to tackle home and work again until your next get-a-way.

Between the regions of historical Turkey, the ancient Greek Islands, and the magical Dalmatian coast of Croatia the destination choices are nearly limitless.

All sorts of timeless ancient ruins, places of interest, beaches, bays, charming little villages, nightlife entertainment and water sports activities are within easy reach – since your accommodation takes you to where you have planned to be.  All you have to do is put together your group, your interests, menu choices and dates; along with a budget and then it’s nearly time to make that booking. With hundreds of vessels to choose from, there is bound to be a boat charter in Turkey, Greece or Croatia that may be suitable to all your requirements.

The planning stages are best discussed with your agent. It is their knowledge that make it possible to put all the pieces together so that you and your guests have one of the best holidays ever in the Eastern Mediterranean.

So the question is, when is the best time to charter a boat in the Mediterranean?

Anytime is a good time. It all depends on you and your group. The only things which you should keep in mind when deciding on travel dates is the weather and sea conditions in region. If you are planning on July or August, any part of the Turkish coast is ideal as is the Adriatic. But if it’s the Greek Islands, then the most ideal island group would be the Dodecanese. The reason for this suggestion is that during July and August, the Meltemi winds are active. These winds make for rough seas in the Ionians and Cyclades. The Saronic Gulf near Athens is ideal as well. However the most popular and just as desirable is the Southern Dodecanese. The North Dodecanese is enjoyable as well. All other months during the yacht charter season for the Greek Islands is a great time to enjoy a private boat holiday.

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