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What does the Capacity Restriction for Turkish Gulets in Greece Islands Mean?

What does the Capacity Restriction for Turkish Gulets in Greece Islands Mean?

There are hundreds of Turkish gulets chartered which travel in the Greek Islands each year.  The most common and often visited are the nearby group of islands in the Dodecanese; such as Rhodes, Kos, Symi, etc.  Some itineraries combine the Greek Islands with Turkey’s impressive coastline. While other routes just sail in Greece.

Dining aboard Mehmet Bugra
Dining aboard deluxe charter Mehmet Bugra. Can carry up to 16 in Greece.

There are however limitations with many of the high capacity Turkey based gulets for travelling in Greek waters. Even if a gulet provides a legal capacity of 12, 14, 16, 18, and higher; some of these boats cannot carry more than 12 passengers in Greece due to Greek cabotage which is strictly enforced by the authorities.

Some large group charter gulets may take the chance/risk of carrying over this. Be aware and ask your agent about this very important subject.  For if the boat is caught it may ruin your holiday and be cause to other unpleasant formalities – not fun when you’re on vacation.

This law does not mean that the boats cannot carry its legal capacity in Turkish waters. It’s fine in Turkey. It’s Greece that you need to know about if you are planning on sailing on a gulet in Greek waters. Any group over 12 and higher should be aware.

Please check ahead to see if the yacht charter you wish to hire has the proper documents to carry higher capacity  in the Greek Islands.



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