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Top 5 Must-See’s and Do’s for Fethiye Gulet Cruises in Southern Turkey

Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday hotspots in Southern Turkey. It is one of the well known ancient cities on the Caria coast. The region is large; therefore there is much that travelers can do in and around the Fethiye region. Should you decide on a Fethiye gulet cruise, the location is quite ideal from the Dalaman airport – a mere 40 minutes’ drive to the large harbor. Situated in the gulf of Fethiye, the city offers a wide open bay and long stretches of beaches for holidaying pleasure. Embarking on a Fethiye gulet cruise presents a bountiful assortment of things you can do without going to far out to sea. Although there are many different itineraries that start from the harbor in Fethiye, just gulet cruising around the immediate region still offers an abundance of activities and sightseeing for your vacation. The top five must-see’s and do’s most popular in Fethiye that you can experience will leave you with a fun-filled and very fulfilling yacht holiday in Turkey.

Visiting the blue lagoon, otherwise known as Oludeniz (Dead Sea) is one place that draws the attention of millions of visitors each year. Oludeniz is considered the most photographed beach in Turkey and probably one of the most photographed in the Mediterranean. Located 14 km from the centrum of Fethiye, Oludeniz is a secluded sandy bay, however the blue flag beach itself is pebbly. There you can see the many shades of blue and turquoise in the waters.  Fethiye’s Oludeniz is considered one of the best places in the world to do paragliding and enjoy unique panoramic views, since Mount Babadag offers exceptional height for this sports activity.

A yacht charter holiday from Fethiye also offers other activities such as paragliding. It is probably one of the most popular extreme sports to experience – an activity that begins from Mt. Babadag at a height of 1900 meters and finishes on the beach with a great tour in the air over Oludeniz.  It makes for excellent photos to share with friends and family afterwards.  There is training provided, so even the novice can have a go at it – with the choice of tandem flights where a pilot is included with the passenger.

During your gulet cruise holiday, another place to visit and see nearby is the town of Dalyan. A little fishing town, it is most famous for its mud baths as well as the ancient city of Caunos – King Rock Tombs from the Carians and later the Lycians. In order to access this two places, you must travel by boat from your gulet throught tall reeds, along the Dalyan River.

Last but certainly not least, a gulet cruise from Fethiye to the spectacular 12 islands (including the Yassica Islands), is a breathtaking journey full of incredible scenery. Whether swimming, snorkeling or diving, there are many types of water fun activities you can enjoy in the warm waters at one of the little secluded bays or coves during your trip.

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