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Spotlight Yacht Charter Destinations: South Dodecanese

The Greek Islands of the Dodecanese, Aegean, Ionian, Cretan, Sporades, Cyclades, and the Saronic, are each amazing groups of islands to visit during a private yacht charter vacation.  One of the most popular of these groups is the Dodecanese which also neighbors Turkey. As such you will find that many Turkish boat charters will cruise in the Greek waters from Turkish shores all year round.

The term Dodecanese means twelve – but there are over a hundred islands with just over 2 dozen inhabited.  This region is split into the North in the Aegean  sea and the South, borderline between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

When deciding on an island hopping yacht charter holiday in Greece, a point which many travelers take into consideration is airport access to the harbors. In the South Dodecanese, Rhodes is your best choice. Alternatively you can also embark from Turkish waters. Without drawing your route into destinations in Turkey, you can explore the Greek islands as you please. Ideal harbors for the second choice is Marmaris – being the closest to Rhodes (aprx. 25 nm at 9 – 11 knots/hour). The ports of Gocek, Fethiye and Bodrum are further away – however possible to plan your start from there as well.

While each island in Greece offers its own beauty and charm, the islands which compose a great route in this region for charter yacht holidays in the Eastern Mediterranean , inclusive of Rhodes are Chalki, Tilos, Nisyros, and Symi. You could also visit Gyali (or Yiali) since it is right nearby the Nisyros region.  Rhodes alone offers numerous mooring spots around the island shores to explore. From the Northern tip to the south, there are multiple populated towns and private bays, coves, party-style and quiet beaches that travelers can visit. You can also include Kos Island in this route if you wish. Although some consider Kos as a part of the southern tip of the North Dodecanese and routes that are explored usually start from Kos and head north.

Rhodes Island

If you have an interest in ancient history and Greek culture, then Rhodes may not only be an interesting place but also a exciting destination to spend time before your trip begins. In addition to the beautiful waters and fantastic climate, the many sites of interest in Medieval Rhodes will present an array of things to do and see. Breathtaking scenery, landmarks from the past can be explored by foot.

While the hustle and bustle of daily life continues, Rhodes is still one of the best vacation destinations to experience. Highlights of your stay in Rhodes, before you embark could include a one night stay to visit the Castle in the Old Town, built by the Knights of St. John. The city in this area is surrounded by a thick 12 meter wall. Inside there you will see narrow stone-paved roads lined with vendors selling various unique items – which you may wish to take home as souvenirs. Spoiling yourself will be easy. After a great explore sightseeing, you could kick back at a local Greek taverna and indulge in the traditional delights of Greek cuisine as you watch the sunset. Then the following day, board your private yacht hire to begin a magical journey in the Eastern Med of the Greek Islands.

Halki Island

This charming little island is truly a small corner of paradise. It’s a do-nothing-but-enjoy kind of atmosphere. Take in the local culture and laze back in Halki Island, located just a few kilometers from Rhodes.  If you experienced a busy schedule in Rhodes, then unwinding in Halki may be the remedy to regain your energy before you move onto to the other lovely Greek Islands on this route. Below is a video we thought could give you some ideas of what you might expect to see in Halki Island

Tilos Island

Situated halfway between Rhodes and Kos, Tilos island is a little treasure of Greek culture and beauty in the Aegean sea. Tilos apparently dates back to the Neolithic age in human occupancy from the potter and stone tools found in Kharkhadió. There is a great deal of history known in Tilos and has seen a variety of civilizations which occupied Tilos for thousands of years. Tilos island is an interesting place to visit. Travelers can explore a variety of monasteries, churches and monuments while there. The island’s capital is Megálo Chorió, built in the early 19th century. Livadia is a small village sheltered by its bay and situated at the foot of the mountains where the island of Symi and also Turkey can be seen. The island presents a lovely choice of tavernas to enjoy some of that local Greek hospitality.

Nisyros Island

The famous island of volcanoes, Nisyros is another interesting island to see during your private yacht holidays in the Eastern Med. When you reach Nisyros, you will arrive to the town of Mandraki. It is where most of the population resides and a busy little place filled with shops, white-washed houses, stone houses, and of course the Greek tavernas. There is also a lovely square where you will find the local and visitors relaxing, people watching, or just enjoying the overall atmosphere of this beautiful place.

Although not as busy as many other Greek Islands, it is a peaceful paradise with churches, monasteries, monuments, shops, beaches, local bars and restaurants. Nisyros is known for its traditional local drink called the Soumada, made from almonds, honey, preserved baby tomatoes and capers.

Symi Island

The island of Symi must be one of the most charming places to visit on a boat holiday. The harbor is a colorful area filled with boats in all shapes, colors and sizes. The pastel Venetian style houses in the many shades of pastels across the hills, the local tavernas, local shops, historical places of interest, the views and hospitality all combined make Symi a must-see island in the Dodecanese. Should you decide to take a trip with your Greek Island private yacht charter, moor in Symi, rent a scooter, and go for a tour of the island. It’s a pleasant way to see the sights.

Between the calming waters – even during the Meltemi winds in other island regions, stunning bays, beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches, shopping, savory delights, and more, the atmosphere of the Dodecanese islands is one to truly enjoy on your special private boat holidays in Greece.

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